Friday , January 15 2021

Thelma Parden pointed to those who doubt their complaint against Juan Dartes: "It took me a lot to get raped"

After her dramatic testimony yesterday, in which she discovered she had been raped Juan Darths During a tour with Ugly duck, Thelma Parden She turned to her Twitter account to deepen her feelings after a day of enlistment.

With a message pointing to the doubts and questions that often appear in women who condemn, and especially mature, the actress has downloaded with a series of tweets.

Then, the complainant's messages:

"Thank you do not come to me, we'll have to invent a word to grow what I feel with what is happening … Now I say thanks for listening, for believing and above all, to keep making noise"

"You have to get rid of a thousand layers of fear, fearing you will not have more work, to look like something broken, to be broken, to see you as a second-hand woman, as a victim, as a traumatic person, "

"Because the first thing you send is doubt, the appearance of the other." The word of the woman who accuses the man who broke we immediately doubted "

"You want to get money, you want to be Kilomo, do you want to be famous?" (Yes, of course, who does not want to be famous because they took it against their will?) There are even people who have not even asked these statements. "

"Maybe she seduced him," "I went alone at the time and the neighborhood," "She also looks at how she dresses," "She was looking." "She". "She". She? really? "

"It was hard for me to accept that I was raped, I did not use that word, it took me 9 years to call him by his name, rape, when you do not talk to him, he does not exist, and when he does not exist it's only in your head …"

"… in your body, eat your conscience, self-esteem, strength, courage"

"Since I decided to take on what happened to me, I can not stop feeling that I have to live it, I need to know more about feminism, about laws, about psychology, about how society will come …"

"… I have to be strategies, be strong, be a woman willing, acquire knowledge as if just reporting that I am raped is not something I can fit, as if to do so and leave without a doubt I needed a doctorate at Harvard …"

"… with an emphasis on gender violence, I have to be more than a victim, because society, justice, opinion, everything that is filled with doubt protects me, does not deserve my" truth, "truth 12

"Look how you put me" is not the only expression that guy left me. "You will always have a job, because wherever you go, you come with me" suggests a kind of macabre agreement. It was not enough to show me who was responsible, who had the power "

"He showed me the rules of the game, a sign of territory about my career, my body, my confidence and my talent." For everyone, he lived a moment of success: airplanes, stadiums with 20,000 people, fans crammed into the five-star hotel door … "

"… girls who want to be like me, and I locked myself in this trap, the idea of ​​success"

"Today many of us are trying to contribute something constructive by telling my story, I do not tell my story because it is unique, but precisely because it is not"

"I am telling this, because although I am afraid to expose myself to everything that comes to talk, I know that the price of silence is more expensive, will not shut up, it has eaten for a long time, it has damaged my self-esteem,

"Because I feed my intestines too long, I'm talking to get him out of this body and put him on the table, so he also creates things in others, I hope he creates awareness"

"I hope it will help you if something similar happens to you, I hope it will make you wonder if you've ever said 'no,' but you insisted, I hope it will not happen to anyone else."

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