Wednesday , January 27 2021

There are already two fatal victims of chubut hantavirus

Urban employee of Epuyén, in Chubut, became the second death due to pulmonary syndrome in the province of Patagonia, after the death of a 14-year-old boy, announced yesterday the co-director of the Eskuel Program Area of ​​the Ministry of Health, Jorge Elias.

The man who died yesterday and was hospitalized in intensive care was one of the five positive cases of hantavirus confirmed by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (INEI) Carlos Malbrán, where the samples are sent.

"This is one of the five cases confirmed by a critical hantavirus, 61, a native of Epuyén, who died at 4.30," Elias told a news conference.

The mayor of Epoine, Antonio Retro, declared mourning and holidays in the municipality. The remaining composite picture is that of a 15-year-old boy who also remained in intensive care, but with clear recovery, while the other patients were released, according to hospital sources in consultation with Telem. Meanwhile, Malbrán's results are expected in three new cases reported as " .

"The epidemiological research missions are continuing in this area," Elias said, confirming that the infection occurred in a common place, as Tlam reported.

Cases of hantavirus "occurred in the event hall where a birthday party was held, but (the patients) were not at the same table but in different places so we focused our attention there," explained the official.

The doctor confirmed that the zoonoses area of ​​the Ministry of Health of Chubut ordered the location of capture traps and analyze "long tail" mouse samples in the five houses of Epuyén where families of happier cases of hantavirus reside, in addition to events

Because of the common place where the positive cases were reported, the inter-personal infection was not rejected, although health authorities argued that "these are very rare cases known to be the most common form of contagion."

In fact, the most common form that spreads the epidemic is through the virus that transmits the small rodent Oligorizomis Longododatus, known as the "Colerigo mouse" on the mountain plain, an area where it proliferate especially during the flowering of colihue, which is their favorite food and produces abundant flowering seed Very nutritious.

Once in the human body, lung syndrome hantavirus causes high fever, muscle pain, cough and headache, and after a few days the respiratory problems become worse and develop in severe cases that if uncontrolled can cause death due to respiratory failure or shock when the lungs are filled with fluids.

Meanwhile, Elias and head of the programs of the Ministry of Health of Chubut, Emiliano Biondo, confirmed in the last part released today that "another suspect admitted to the hospital Zonal from Rio Senguer" city mountain range Chobut mountains, 360 km south of Esquel and 750 km. Southwest of this capital.

The part emphasizes that "we continue with 5 positive cases, 2 deaths due to hantavirus lung syndrome, 2 discharged and one in intensive care unit."


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