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There is a chance they will kill Christina Kirchner


The social leader, Juan Garboa, made a harsh complaint: "The government will use non-democratic mechanisms to try to solve what it can not do in politics."

Social leader Juan Garboa, who is close to Senator Christina Kirchner, said that "Christina can be killed." For the leader of CTEP "It's already happening to another level, they will do everything, they have a lot of external support."

"There are options to kill her (Christina Kirchner), these people are very worried, they have the power, why are they going well?" I was surprised at what they did, they harassed the court. They have a lot of outside support that confirms it and they stick to it and Trump's pants and that's what totalitarian governments do, "he warned on the radio.

For Grabois, the government "will use non-democratic mechanisms to try to solve what they can not do with politics." He added: "They will use the judicial mafia to hurt the opposition, which Christina embodies more clearly, and the repression against the movements of social union and trade union." "On the other hand, there will also be repression in the neighborhoods against hungry people," he said, referring to Brazil's president, Boulsonaro.

"I basically refer to the idea that we will hear some red circles that Makri lost in the elections, and since Christina has a lot of possibilities, we had to create the conditions for stopping the process and for a third name to appear," he explained. "This thesis we face that Cristina will win democratically with the votes, not strange things," warned the leader. In addition, he said that the former president "should not appear" in the trial that begins next Tuesday that "it has been screwed."


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