Friday , January 15 2021

They are expanding from 21 to 23 the schedule of selling alcoholic beverages in the province of Buenos Aires

During this summer, consumers will be able to buy alcoholic beverages in the province of Buenos Aires until later, as the Senate approved Buenos Aires law on Thursday Allows expansion of the sales schedule from 21 to 23.

The project was presented by Lt. Guillermo Castello and Senator Lucas Fiorini, both from Cambimos, for trade during the season. On the other hand, Block Unidad Ciudadna did not accompany the initiative and demanded treatment of "zero alcohol" regulations to treat minors under the age of 21.

According to existing law in the province of Buenos Aires, "the sale, sale or supply of any kind, and the completion of alcoholic beverages consumed outside the plant where the sale is made, is prohibited. From 21 to 10 the next day"

Castello argued that from now on, the "original wording" of the norm, which was changed in 2009, is repeated. In turn, he explained that the sale of these drinks to minors under the age of 18 is still prohibited.

The deputy claimed, before the vote, that in the summer months – December to March – and there were further difficulties in this prohibition, as "the days are getting longer, the coastal days or recreational activities are expanded, tourists want to do most of their rest days."

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