Tuesday , May 11 2021

They arrested a policeman in the city who was accused of killing a neighbor in Abelda.

A senior police officer was arrested on charges of beating a 70-year-old man at the victim's home in the Buenos Aires area of ​​Avelanda. The agent, Eric Cordova Gatika, He refused to testify Before the prosecutor's office investigating the crime.

The officer was caught Friday at the 4D police station in the Barrak Aires neighborhood of Barrakas, where he served, was charged with the crime of Ruben Pinheiro. The victim died last Thursday after being hospitalized for a week after being beaten.

Police sources told the agency rut That the crime took place on Friday, April 19, at the house located on Calle Almirante Cordero in 200, in the municipality of Buenos Aires of Pinaru.

It all started when Córdoba Gatica argued with a neighbor, Pinheiro, and attacked him with a punch. It turned out, both They had problems in recent years Since the alleged victim cut the gas to the police, the reason why the researchers tried to determine whether it was the cause of the struggle.

The place of the crime

When the old man's relatives noticed the situation when he visited him, he was immediately transferred to the Fioretto hospital. The victim was then transferred to a private clinic in Avelanda, where he remained imprisoned He died last Thursday.

Legal sources reported that the senior official was interrogated on Saturday by Plaintiff Alejandra Olmos Coronel, who is in charge of the functional teaching unit (UFI), but he refused to testify and will continue to be detained, "murder".

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