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They claim that the Galaxy S10 had six revolutionary design cameras – 01/12/2018


Each time less is required 2019 to reach, as usual, smart phone manufacturers prepare their flagship ships. Samsung Galaxy S10, the successor to the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus, is the industry's first giant to come to market with an innovative design: no frames and no back or groove in three species.

The first signs of this revolutionary design were originated in the past Display the first foldable phone Of Samsung. Where they also took the opportunity to introduce the Infinity O, Infinity New, Infinity U Infinity V screens that are surely using some of their cell phones that are also selling to other manufacturers to use their flagship phones.

Although the Infinity V and Infinity U screens are characterized by having an integrated back or slot similar to other cell phones in the market, the new Infinity avoids this entirely by offering a pure mobile phone screen and the Infinity O combines only one hole for example, adjust the front camera.

According to recent leaks, especially those of Owen Blass (@evleaks), Samsung would opt for the Infinity O screen as indicated for the Galaxy S10 S10 and Galaxy. The sizes can vary between 5.8 inches, while the so-called SM-G975x model will have a 6.44-inch screen.

On the other hand, the South Korean company will launch three different models of the Galaxy S10, including the traditional Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus, but includes a new version with 5G connectivity, the new mobile network to be launched for users in 2019.

Six cameras and a single fingerprint detector

The main driver of leaks in the mobile device market, Owen Blass, revealed in his Twitter profile that the S10 will have three rear, standard, wide and idle cameras, similar to what they currently offer LG V40, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and probably P30 Huawei.

The security aspect, rumors ensure that the Galaxy S10 will finally integrate the fingerprint reader on the screen with ultrasonic technology, at least present in the top-end device, and it was expected in family devices from the A8 model.

The dilemma that produces the possible use is the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, not as practical as current readers. Although the familiar filter @iceuniverse, this sensor of the Galaxy S10 will be so that 30% of the screen will be able to identify the footprint, so will be faster than optical readers today.

Features and Specifications

According to the professional Cnet, it is very possible that the Galaxy S10 are the first phones that incorporate the new 8199 Snapdragon processor (also known as Snapdragon 855) which has a 7nm architecture and it promises to offer not only more power but also better battery consumption. It could be revealed at the summit that Qualcomm will hold in December in Hawaii, an annual event where the company usually reveals its products for mobile devices.

As in the case of the S9, the Qualcomm processor will be designed for the United States, while in the world they are expected to integrate the Exynos 9810 successor processor, the Exynos 9820 with an 8-nanometer architecture.

A render the design of the Galaxy S10 reasonable. (Photo: @ Venyageskin1)

A render the design of the Galaxy S10 reasonable. (Photo: @ Venyageskin1)

As for the rest of its architecture, the basic model will come with only 4GB of RAM, while the Galaxy S10 Plus and the 5GB version will incorporate 6GB or up to 8GB of RAM.

Among the storage versions is still unclear whether these phones will be the usual 64 GB or offer 128 GB; Although they also ensure that at least one model can have 1TB and up to 12 GB of RAM. In fact, the MySmartPrice site ensures that the Galaxy S10 will be the first with 12GB of RAM.

Although there was no formal conformance in this regard, the launch of Samsung's next phone will be during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Mobile World Congress 2019) – from 25-25 February, as was the case for the S9 and S9 Plus.

However, there are rumors that Samsung will promote the launch in January, during the CES Electronic Fair in Las Vegas. On this occasion, the publication of Korean and Korean Herald has been one of the measures that have ensured that Samsung would advance with its flagship phones in 2019.

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