Sunday , May 16 2021

They condemn Ignacio Cueto, chief executive of Latam, for paying her fees to Campora

One of the company's shareholders asked Cueto's management, particularly with regard to what is known as the cause of the notebooks

Businessman Yurha Said Yarur, one of Latem Airlines' minority shareholders, attacked Ignacio Quatto on the airline's board of directors on Thursday.

In this letter he questioned the president's administration, especially with regard to the so-called reason for the K notebooks. He also objected to the results obtained.

The same Yarur also share the Somavía family said to the management of Parque Arauco.

In his letter he begins to note that "at the shareholders meeting of 2016 I began to complain about the company's mismanagement and errors made by the administration."

According to the shareholder, "LAN had a contract with Intercargo for airport services across the Argentine state from 2012 to 2014 about $ 32 million, but in 2013, Mr. Ignacio Quatto, general manager of the LAN at the same time, said in the word "we did not have to pay $ 18 million," which was paid in the same year, except $ 32 million.

In addition, he claims that "these events involve the main managers of LAN Argentina (now part of the Latam Airlines Group) and members of La Campora (Association of Professional Political Movement) in the government of Cristina Fernandez, today very researched and judged by the positive excess of different companies.

"If you were forced to receive a payment of $ 18,000,000, it is your duty before the law, as a controller, to collect the amount in excess of the Argentine authorities," says La Terrazza.

He adds: "If the company you are sitting in does not give satisfactory answers to the payment made to it by Camphoras in connection with the complaint filed by me in Argentina, I will have to ask the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to determine the extent of the same, or if there were no irregularities that meant a loss in the equity of the company in respect of which I am a shareholder"

In 2010, the merger was announced in 2012. However, in 2010, LAN had a profit of u $ 300 million and debt of $ 3 billion today, after eight years, Latam Airline has a profit Of $ 190 million and a debt of $ 11 billion, and just tell me it was a terrible business. "

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