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They confirmed a case of measles in Rosario and there is an epidemiological alert


A 36-year-old man who lives there fun, City near Rosario, Shrunk measles, Apparently, after contact with A Russian tourist who was imprisoned Because of this disease in March in the city of Buenos Aires. Four cases have been approved this year and the nation's health ministry has issued Epidemiological alert.

According to an official report published in the past few hours, an infected Argentine was contacted with the Russians on the flight that the guest made on March 16 Puerto Iguazu, MissionTo Buenos Aires. "Patient Shows Good Evolution" They say in a statement.

The new case "started with fever on April 1, adding skin rash) the next day." During the parallel period he traveled through the city of Buenos Aires, traveled to Venezuela on a charter flight and participated in social events in Rosario, "he elaborated on the organism.

The Ministry of Health also announced that the samples were processed by the Cemar Laboratory of Rosario and approved the National Reference Laboratory Anlis Carlos M Malberán.

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With the man from Ponce " Four cases Happiness was reported in 2019 in Argentina. The previous three were imported, and the current investigation is under investigation. "

On April 4, the Health Authority issued an epidemiological alert for "high risk of measles" when it approved a case of illness in a Russian tourist in Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu and Montevideo, Uruguay last March.

In this regard announced the Secretariat The flights the man had made to warn the other passengers. These are the flights of the company Andes 570 of March 14 that made the trip to Buenos Aires-Puerto Iguazú, and the 571 of the same company on March 16 from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires. The patient also went out in Buquebús from Buenos Aires to Montevideo on March 17 at 6:38, and returned on the same route that day at 9:34.

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The desired health Who have shared these trips "immediately consult with the health service Closer reporting of the history of exposure to fever and skin rash. "


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