Thursday , October 6 2022

They implant a smoker's lungs and die of cancer


Sick with Cystic fibrosis dies, B France, Two years after being implanted A lung of a smoker.

According to the portal of Nautisirus Televisa, the professional lung cancer magazine reported that in 2015, Doctors They chose to do Transplantation, Although it was reported that the lungs belonged to a 57-year-old woman who smoked a pack of cigarettes daily for 30 years.

According to medical oncologists at Montpellier University Hospital in France, when the donor died, no abnormalities were reported, it was later learned that in 2017, the victim died Lung cancer Without being able to practice any treatment, "detailed the position.

"The cancer has been greatly accelerated by the immunological treatments that the patient has received, in order to prevent rejection of the new lungs," the doctors explained.

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