Saturday , May 15 2021

They planted the tigress on the altar and she remained unmarried

The 73-year-old singer is about to get married live on television, but her husband regretted it at the last moment and there was no wedding.

At the age of 73, the East Tigress was about to fulfill one of her dreams: to say yes and to marry. Everything was ready for the ceremony, which was supposed to be broadcast live on Peruvian television, but at the last moment, Comrade Elmer Molocho, 45 years younger than him, left the place and left his fiancee planted on the altar.

The singer, who knew how to be a participant in "Dancing 2017," exploded in tears in front of the cameras and had to be comforted by the animators who were going to respond to live the wedding. "She is very hurt, he's a manipulator," said Magali Medina, one of the leaders of the event.

While some speculate that the 28-year-old's escape was a press move, on television in Peru they claimed that Elmer had decided to retract it after it became known that he had another family with three children. The journalists who carried out the accusation were attacked and threatened with a knife by order of the Tigers. After learning that the journalists filed a complaint after the violent events, Moloch demanded that they remove her or not marry her. "I knew he had a son, we finished many times, we were on this program all year, whether we were married or not," I was surprised when he said we were going to get married, "said Tarsa.


It can not be

The artist, before her misguided relationship, discovered that she had undergone surgery to rebuild the virgin membrane, again she had a first-time sexual sensation at weddings and weddings.

After the scandal on the screen, the tigress took off her wedding dress, dressed in black, accompanied by all their relatives and closest friends. "It does not affect me, I'm a tigress to deal with all the impossible challenges, life and work go on, there's a tigress for a while," he said briefly in the chains.


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