Monday , June 27 2022

This is the first trailer of the movie Sonic


Yesterday a picture was filtered in the place we saw Gerry Carrie same as Dr. Robotnik… Today we have the first official trailer movie Sonic the Hedgehog.

It was almost 30 years since the character appeared in a video with the same name in Sega Genesis.

I do not want to be unfair, but this voice is not faithful to the version of the character we know about video games. But it is clear that the most brilliant part of the trailer is Dr. Robotnik, played by Carrie Sea who has not seen us shine for a long time.

Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer (2019)

Sonic's voice is Ben Schwartz, which many of us remember about being a ralphio in gardens and recreation. It will also be as we've called, Carrie's as Dr. Robotnik and James Marsden (Cyclops / Scott Summers X-Men and Teddy Flood in the West).

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