Google He entered through the big door to the video game industry. Those from Mountain View took advantage of the Game Developers Conference 2019 show Stadia, Your platform for streaming video games. Although they revealed a great deal of technical details during the conference, a very important fact that many wanted to know was missing: What is the Internet speed required to enjoy the service?

Fortunately, the company solved the doubt in an interview with the portal Kotaku. Phil Harrison, head of Stadia, said the requirements would be very similar to those of the Streeam project. Speed ​​of vista 25 Mbps to play a game at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. To get the 4K at 60 fps it would be necessary to have a 30 Mbps connection.

Harrison says that thanks to the test phase of the project stream, they have been able to improve the capabilities of their cloud infrastructure to offer it to Stadia. He also noted that the performance of each game will always be related to the speed of the Internet that the player possesses, a common principle in any streaming platform.

For the minimum connection, Eurogammer He already had access to the service and revealed interesting information. Google looks at this, In the worst case, a video game can run at 15 Mbps, But without mentioning the decision and refresh rate. When the project stream was available in October, this connection was allowed Assassin: Odyssey A 720p and 30 fps. Without a doubt with Stadia it will be very similar.

Google's new offer Will be available in the second half of 2019. The California company promised that in the summer they would release more information. Another one of the biggest nomads remaining is their subscription model and price.