Monday , January 18 2021

Thomas Müller apologized to Nicolas Tagliapico after the brutal kick in his head – 12/13/2018

The cruel kick in the head Thomas Muller A Nicholas Tagliapico It was a tremendous blow, which fortunately did not have any implications for the Argentine physicist who even made a target later on. now, The German apologized through social networks and explained that "it was not deliberate".

"That's how I want to apologize to Nico Tag to tell you what happened last night. It was not deliberate. That you recover"The German wrote at his own expense Twitter.

He did it, too Instagram, Where the photograph the same idea and the same idea, but in other words:I'm really sorry for what happened yesterday! It was not deliberate. Improved soon"

The foul came in a 3-3 draw last Wednesday between Ajax and Bayern Munich for the Champions League, which earned it The first red card of his career in German.

Source: Agencies.

Thomas Muller apologized to Nico Tagliapico for Instram.

Thomas Muller apologized to Nico Tagliapico for Instram.

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