Tuesday , January 26 2021

To travel abroad, should you get a vaccine?

Ministry of Health of Neuquén Issued a series of recommendations for people traveling abroad during the holidays:

Asked a doctor: According to personal health history and destination, a certain indication can be given.

Measles and rubella vaccine: It is essential to reduce the risk of contracting and reintroducing these diseases to the state. Immunization is mandatory and must be applied to children when they reach the age of one year, with a boost in school income, according to the national immunization schedule. Children aged 13 months to one day before the age of five must receive the additional dose of the last national vaccination campaign against measles and rubella.

– Yellow fever vaccine: Medical advice is essential at least four weeks prior to the trip for a professional set of indication or not of vaccination. Only a few countries require the vaccine to enter. Not all people can be immunized, and medical advice is necessary for a professional to set up an indication of whether or not a vaccine is available. If applicable, you should get it at least 15 days before the trip.


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