Friday , May 7 2021

Wansa Gonzalez: "After listening to Thelma Fardan, one is guilty, it's hard not to feel like a friend"

Rebels and a free spirit. This is true Vansa Gonzalez, As her role as Carmen in the play Those of Branco. From a very young age, the actress knew where she was going. In an intimate conversation with They ripped off, Spoke about his beginning at the tables and his desire to run his projects. In addition, aThe change in society regarding the role of women, he said why he is not part of the Argentine collective organizations that support and recall what he feels to hear the brave story of Thelma Pradin In December last year, after denouncing Nicaragua for Juan Dart & Lance.

As far as she is concerned, the changes are revealed a little everywhere: on the street, in the family and at work. Only in the workplace, where he has been working since he was 17, is there he came Living in most unpleasant situations than one chance. "I had everything" Said the actress who just released the job Those of Branco.

How did you deal with the problem? "Everyone has the way to solve it, there is no way, everyone is doing what they can in their time. I was able to talk to the people that I had a problem. They are long processes, capable of you three, four or five calls And you need to get some clarity that is going to take it in one direction because sometimes it stops doing it but it does something else. I think that from now on there will be fewer such cases and they will even disappear. "

"Actors, directors, producers, producers, men, women … There are all kinds of cases about power and I think that in all environments, what happens is that The players are exposed and threatened to the level of fear … If I do it or answer they will not call me, I think it's over, it does not work and you can not control the fear " He added.

Last year at a press conference Thelma Pereden offered her the moving and brave testimony in which she told her her casting partner Ugly duck, Juan Dartes raped her during a tour in Nicaragua. "I experienced it very carefully, it was like before and after," Gonzalez said, expressing his admiration for his colleague: "He had a lot of courage To express something so strong and gentle, said something intimate and painful.

Perran's words fell into it: "You feel a certain level of guilt when you are part of the team, you think, 'How did I not notice?' You feel the responsibility, it's all a matter of not feeling social partnership, it's hard."

Although This is not part of Argentine Argentinian players, he unconditionally supports them: "It is great that this power is used to cooperate. I, Vanessa, find it hard to be part of a collective Because I think all the time. I try because I think I feel militant … I talk to my friends, I go to the street. It is hard for me to relate to the collectives, I also have to say what I think, but I support and I agree with the thickest in everything. "

Vanessa finished filming Apache, The biographical series on Carlos Tévez that will be released in June has just been released Those of Branco, The work he does from Thursday to Sunday at Cultural Center May 25 with Louisa Kuliok: "My character is Carmen, the eldest daughter of Donia María Barranco, a pretty clear girl about what she does not want for relationshipsShe does not know the life outside the house because her mother is absorbing and mocking. The character does not feel identified with the way that his mother nurtures. "

What do Vanessa's characters have? "SWell I was not educated under these conditions, in my home there is no one dedicated to art and it was a subject. Not because I have barriers, but it was hard to understand that I wanted to work as an actress from a very young age. It was always a strong desire and it was a theme and rebellion, although I did not say it from the place of 'I'm crazy' "He said.

At the time, her parents thought it was a game, though it was very clear that it was much more. FThis is how they took theater lessons in Benfield, their childhood neighborhood, until their teacher recommended that they go somewhere else, since the space was "a small worker" And began at the school of Lithio Cruz.

"At the age of 16 I began making castings and I was in the Strip Half missing It was strong that I started a youth band, there was a lot of public, there were no networks, the guys went to the door, we were half friends with the fans. I've never seen it as "famous" even though I knew they recognized me, "he recalled.

She also finds her as an entrepreneur. "It's nice that they call you and offer you things and if it's perfect, it's hard to make it happen, That's why a few months ago reallyI wanted to create something that was mine and be able to decide on my way of working: When, somewhere, and what I want to talk about. I read some jobs and did not seem to meet much with until I read one that I read long ago because nothing happened to me at the time and I said 'Wow!'"Said Vanessa, who hopes to take the piece to the stage by the end of the year or at the beginning of the year.

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