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We tell you about the evil that affects Florencia Kirchner


This week he confirmed that Florencia Kirchler was suffering from lymphoma, a disease she had begun to treat in Cuba. Here, we will try to explain in a simple way, what a complex situation.

What Is Lymphoma? In terms of language, it is the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissue of the organism.

And why does this accumulation occur? Because of blockage in the lymphatic system and also by the immune system and circulation

What are the reasons? In general, we talk about primary and secondary lymphoma. In the first group, early or early lymphoma is included. The latter can develop during puberty or pregnancy, 35 years ago.

What are the symptoms? There are many symptoms that should always be appreciated by a doctor but one of the most characteristic characteristics is inflammation of the arm or leg, which may be accompanied by pain or discomfort. They can also appear rashes or skin dimples like orange peel, lymph nodes, a feeling of heaviness or stiffness in the legs and arms, repeated infections and thickening of the skin.

Is it cured? At this point, there is no cure for lymphoma although having very good treatments, with early diagnosis, can contribute to a great improvement of the patient.

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