Tuesday , May 11 2021

Week of Wall Street: High in tech companies, although with important exceptions

The Trump government began this week with the announcement of the end of the exemption for countries that continued to import Iranian crude oil.

The decision of the United States influenced this The price of oil that rose to record highs this year with Brent, which exceeded $ 74 a barrel and WTI over $ 65. A dynamic that provoked Occidental Petroleum, which issued $ 38 million against Androk with the intention of breaking Chevron's offer.

Technological advances through the clouds, though not all

A week of big reports from important Silicon Valley girls made it clear to us that tangible services have an amazing weight in the economy. Twitter, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft They took them through this dynamic sector.

Trill beeps loudly And I was surprised by the restructuring at the initiative of Gorky Dorsey, in which he gave the social network data, resulted in positive results. Twitter not only kept 300 million users, but also added more people. Active users per month reached $ 330 million, which represents a 9 million increase from the previous quarter.
Their income tripled to $ 191 millionJ With these numbers your actions rose 13% on Tuesday And they stood at $ 38.94.

Facebook began its reign

Facebook is taking advantage of its most iconic purchases: WhatsApp and Instagram. In addition, its mobile version has become a great generator of your income. Of the $ 14,912 billion generated in the quarter, 93% came from mobile advertising.

In the amount of all its platforms, Facebook has reached an incredible number of 2,100 million active users per day. With approximately 2.7 million people using at least one of its brands.

There are actions 39% profitability So far this year.

Amazon got applause. Not because of a solid online store business. He did it because of the important growth he has Amazon Web Service. The success of Jeff Bezos in consolidating a platform for handling huge data flows in the digital world already accounts for 50% of the giant's business revenue and expands its logistics capabilities.

In the first quarter, Amazon posted $ 3.5 billion, or $ 7.09, an increase of 118% over the previous year.

Amazon's net sales rose 17% to $ 59.7 billion.

Amazon Internet services grew 41%, receiving revenues of $ 7,696 billion. Amazon stocks accumulate Profitability of 27.56%.

Already historical Microsoft Demonstrated his ability to adapt himself to the needs of his clients. Microsoft depends on Windows and Office and the era of "WinTel" where they were located on the desktop computer ended some time ago.

Now Microsoft with its Azure, its service in the cloud, achieves a number and certainly produces envy and other huge aneejas. It had a profit of $ 30.5 trillion, with a net profit of $ 8.8 trillion.

Sales rose 14%, with an impressive rise in Azure, which rose 73%. Microsoft's cloud business has been a leader in the industry: they sold 41 percent more than the previous period to $ 9.6 billion.

Intel, Tesla and Boeing at a bad moment

Intel Suffered the consequences of leaving the 5G business. Soma, perhaps his last failure in the mobile industry. A series of misses that go from the abandonment of Moblin, its mobile operating system, move to its wimax bet bet instead of LTE and continued the first abandonment of its ATOM processors for Smartphone chipsets.
Now, when the mobile era is older, the corporation leaves.

So far in 2019, Intel's debt exceeds $ 25 billion. With lower revenue forecasts and less per-share benefits, Its market value fell 7% to $ 53.46.

Boeing Undoubtedly he paid the consequences of the software failure of his Max 737. Its net profit was $ 3.75, down 10%.

Tesla He had unexpected losses. Revenue fell to $ 4.5 trillion from $ 7.2 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company does not expect earnings for the second quarter of 2019 and is expected to be profitable again in the third quarter.

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