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Which products can be purchased without paying taxes after door to door changes


With the change in the volume of door-to-door system franchises through the Internet will allow to expand the range of overseas purchase options without paying taxes.With the scheme still valid only products of up to $ 25 can be purchased but with the announced change it will come to be watches, clothing, footwear and mobile phone accessories, Until now the impossible access without tax.

The government has decided to increase the value of purchases that can be made from abroad without paying import duties 12 purchases of up to 50 USD Each one, which can not be cumulative. In this way, the annual limit will be 600 USD.

Using a survey among the three major online shopping sites, from $ 26 to $ 50, that is, the new margin to buy duty free, one can get sport Men and women as T-shirts and tights of the first brand $ 35. At the exchange rate on Wednesday they had a value close to $ 1500. The same products, bought in Argentina, cost $ 2000.

But it is also possible to purchase electronic products. sport watch, Also of the first brand, has value in portals from abroad 41 dollars, A price significantly lower than that purchased in the country, which is more than $ 3200, double what is bought outside.

In telephony, although the franchise is not enough to buy a new mobile phone, one can get, for example, Wireless headset with bluetooth Of the last generation, with a price just over $ 1000 ($ 26), When the same model sold for about $ 2,300 in Argentina.

With similar prices, the Playstation 4 joystick can also be purchased for free and export duties. 27 dollars (About $ 1100). Purchased by MercadoLibre that the same product can be worth up to three.

The new door-to-door system that begins in April will maintain the tax payment system if the shipment exceeds $ 50 separately. In this case, the equivalent to 50% of the excess value To this hat. That is, if the product costs $ 90, the fee to be paid to the Treasury will be $ 20.

Another change that will be implemented next month will be the maximum weight and value of the products that the post allows to bring from abroad, starting next month you can make purchases of goods by Up to 3000 dollars and 20 pounds of weight. Today the current limit is 200 USD and 2 kg.

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