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Whiskey, masculine, jin, vodka, rum: the best drinks of the year

2018 has been memorable, no matter where you look, Even in the world of drinks. There were innovations in almost all types of alcoholic beverages, from Japanese japanese to brandy made by the bartender, to a Danish drink from the Noma group that defies classification.

We chose The best drinks represent a lot of delicious, rare bottles and a robe divided into three categories: Classics available again in distributors; The real innovators; And the best of the best, plus a respectable mention that comes from its own space that, well, it is not even alcoholic. If you are in the market and want some different bottles for 2019, you should open each of them.

The old is now new

Many of these drinks have been available for years, or centuries, although not necessarily in the US Better late than never.

Amro Del & Antenna

It comes from a 1901 recipe with 26 botanical ingredients, it is bright and bright Sicilian, with hints of smoked vanilla, served pure.

Chateau de Lebron 1987 Armaniak 29 years

Produced from grapes grown in a farm established in 1939, between 40-60 years vines, this filtered and non-sophisticated brandy has a great influence: 49.9 percent alcohol in quantity. But once you make your way through the heat, you feel deep, luxurious notes of coffee, tobacco, and baking spices. Drink drink slowly on long winter nights.

Agricultural rum

Handcrafted and refined from a wide range of sugar cane, clarinelle stands out significantly from the rums you may know: it is herbaceous, composed of slightly salty. Made in the beaches of South Haiti, Clarín can replace ordinary white rum drinks such as daiquiri or mojito.

Distillery Risila Estensia

The raceilla was produced in Mexico for more than 400 years, but it did not drink much international visibility before Tequila took off. This is done in Jalisco where the Agave Agave maximiliana is roasted, similar to mezcal (Tequila is steamed), but the resulting refinery is still very floral and fruity.

Whiskey Klebgen

Irish whiskey is usually made primarily from barley, but a kilbug powder recipe from the 1890s comprising 30 percent rye and rye. A pure drinker and has hot notes of hot apple cider, whiskey that would be great for winter drinks like Manhattan or Bulbardia.

Defectors and innovations

These pioneering products have received a great deal this year.

Greenhawk and tonic

Steven Dang Lou has been doing a wonderful jin in his distillery in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn for years. He took another step and gave us the drink full of a small, elegant can, with lists of Ginger and Camomile. It is excellent that both the gin and tonic are carbonated, the drink is perfect for the hot summer days.

Whiskey Neversink

The young distillery Nebrasink Spirits, an hour north of New York, has been making a tasty apple and brandy for a few years, and by 2018 it had made its first raid into whiskey. A mass of corn, winter wheat and lively and distilled barley, and then aged for two years American oak before ending in barrels of apple brandy. This is an attractive detour for those seeking blends with non-Kentucky whiskey.

Helena empiric spirits

It's wild. Helena comes to us through a collaboration between Danish market spirits, founded by Noma graduates, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermensen, and Sam Anderson, Contra's wine and beverage director, and Anna Vanilla and Napa's Pizza in Manhattan. It is made from three different types of fermented barley with koji mushrooms vacuum distilled at low temperature. Its complexity makes it difficult to mix it for cocktails, it can be served pure or on rocks.

Black pod and vodka

This drink was released in 2017 and received little attention in the US, but it is legally excellent.It is made of whey, a byproduct of cheese production.Car Black is abundant and creamy, attentive to reducing existing wastes.It is also very versatile, To mix without a decisive drink.

Monterey Chardonnay Brandy grapes

Produced in the nearby city Cognac, Pons, France, this brandy can not be called technical Cognac because of its Chardonnay base (cognac rules only allow the use of certain grapes). But do not be discouraged, this light floral drink spends its time in French and American oak barrels on the Atlantic coast. It is a quick and brilliant option for those wishing to break with tradition.

Best of the best

It's just good. Just like that.

Brandy Bartox

Dreamed by Jim Bell, general manager of PDT and Thomas Pastuszak of Nomad, this California brandy is adapted for cocktails. Complex and full of fruits cooked with floral aromas, Bartox fits perfectly into everything. It is easily accessible to be the main mixer of the homemade bar, but tasty enough to drink pure. It works wonders with classic brandy cocktails, such as Sidecar and Vieux Cara, among others.

Ron Mount Gay

Mount Gay took only about 6,000 bottles of this unique rum, matured between 8 and 15 years, before finishing for six months in previously reserved barrels of scotch whiskey. This combination may not sound amazing, but it is excellent, with a rich sweetness that creeps in for a long sense of smoke. It's worth the cost (around $ 250) and the effort if you can find it.

Sanatori Rocco, Geneva

If Japan can turn the whiskey back (and some say it has improved it), there's no reason to think the distillers could not do that with the gin. And they did it. The traditional botanical extracts (yuzu, sansho pepper, two types of green tea, cherry blossom and cherry leaves) to a classic base of juniper, lemon peel and Coriander is useful in a wide range of applications and can compete with dry jeans in London.

Whiskey Compass Box – "The Story of the Spaniard"

Inspired by solitary work at the New York Spaniard bar, this whiskey is the producer's first permanent release that shakes the industry for four years. The mixture is a hybrid of Scotch whiskey aged in two barrels of sherry and Spanish red wine barrels. It contains many berries, citrus fruits, baking spices and light tannins from wine barrels. It is Christmas incarnate.

Lucky luck

This Mezzal has won awards throughout the year, and for good reason: it is made of 100 by the way pork, which is known for its hard distillation. It is very complex, its fragrance is fruity and the weed grasses are felt on the palate. I would not do anything else except serve it pure in a glass and drink it.

Citation for a drink without wind


The unsatisfied drink with botanical extracts mixes three types of oranges, lemon, jing and citronella to offer something a bit more spicy than seasoned versions. It is better on rocks with soda and soda and can be used in more complex cocktails along with ingredients that enhance the citrus profile of the groove.

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