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World Diabetes Day prevention activities


SALTA (Redaccin) – since 1991, by the decision of the International Federation of Diabetes and the World Health Organization, November 14 he World Diabetes Day, An opportunity for all countries to promote awareness of the disease, its causes, symptoms, complications, and treatment of Selta.

In this framework, on Monday 12 to Friday 16, at the hospital Dr. Arturo Oativia, various activities will be performed for patients, family members and community in general.

On Monday 12, 11-11, there will be a workshop to prevent diabetic foot. On Tuesday the 13th, between 11 and 12, a lecture will be given on the benefits of physical activity. On Wednesday, 14, from 11.30 to 13.30, there will be a cooking workshop suitable for diabetics, with a practical demonstration. On Friday 16, from 10 to 11, a lecture will be given on the use of insulin therapy in the treatment of patients. All these activities will be carried out in the hospital auditorium.

In the waiting room, on Wednesday 14, from 10 to 12, talk about healthy eating will be given. On Thursday 15, from 11 to 12, information on self-monitoring will be given control of glycaemia using a glucometer. On Friday 16, from 9 to 10, talk about insulin treatment will be given.

At the hospital in San Bernardo

On Wednesday 14, glycemic control will be conducted and advice and information on prevention and treatment of the diabetes foot will be provided by nurses and poditers to be placed in the central ward of the hospital.

At Papa Francisco Hospital

On the 14th day, a class will be established to examine external and random risk factors with glycemic control and the FINDRISK test. In addition, an informative lecture will be given and a commemorative event will be held in the field of vehicles.

About diabetes

Diabetes is defined as a group of metabolic diseases characterized by a high level of glucose in the blood, which if left untested causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves of the legs and other organs.

Diabetic people often have leg pain, numbness, itching, insensitivity and other disorders such as neuropathy. Diabetes is steadily and health systems around the world warn that the trend will continue if people do not adopt measures to prevent the development of the disease.

80% of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented if a healthy lifestyle is adopted and maintained permanently, which implies excess weight and obesity, a healthy diet, regular exercise, control of arterial blood pressure and cholesterol check for family history.

According to estimates from the International Diabetes Federation, there are 425 million people worldwide affected by the disease, which accounts for nearly 9% of the world's adult population between 20 and 79 years.

Another important fact is that in each of the two people with diabetes, one has not been diagnosed, which increases the risk of developing related complications, such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and limb amputation.

Warning symptoms

They may have symptoms of diabetes, frequent urination, excessive thirst, persistent appetite, sudden weight loss, extreme fatigue, lack of interest and concentration, vomiting, abdominal pain, tingling sensation or dullness in the hands and feet.

In prevention, it is key to know the level of risk that a person suffering from type 2 diabetes, which has a FINDRISC test, consisting of a questionnaire of eight simple questions.

De World Cup

World Diabetes Day was established in honor of Frederick Banting, a physician, professor and Canadian researcher who was born on November 14, 1891. Together with Charles Best, he discovered insulin in 1921, a hormone that allows the treatment of diabetes patients.

In diabetes awareness campaigns, a blue circle is used as a logo, a color that in many cultures symbolizes life and health.

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