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2018 Melbourne Cup Tips Experts and Forecasts


It's Melbourne Cup time, and The roar Have put together a panel of experts to tell you exactly what to expect from Australia's biggest race in 2018.

Do not forget, you can also be involved by tipping who you think the winner will be on form below. We will have the answers here at 2:30 pm (EDT) to see what the most popular choices are.

Connor Bennett

Field is hard to navigate any Peter as Melbourne Cup always.

It seems like many have a little sour about Yucatan after drawing the wide barrier but the 5-year-old has proved in Herbert Power that he can do the work out of the wide, and it should not be changed despite the lack of experience at a distance of two kilometers.

Watch for Muntahaa and the magic circle come charging back to come to the end of the race business, looking for a real best solution which will hopefully lead to the pack and hold every quick finish on the final stretch.

Marmelo is rough looking good on redemption hunting but it is hard to see them bagging something higher than a potential place at the end of the day.

I would not be surprised to see the Avilius trained Cummins make a mark on the top four even with a little spring form hot behind him and the pressure of the stable still looking for that winning Melbourne Cup trophy.

1. Yucatan
2. Best solution
3. Abelius
4. Magel Kickel

A person

I want to have a runner two kilometers and have a foot. The magic circle ticks these boxes. There was an exception for Ian Williams in both runs and shows one of the hardest to win.

If Yucatan runs tight two miles, the game over. He would win. There was too short betting but it goes out to $ 6 – $ 6.50, which is very backable.

Marmello was a horse I was very hot last year but I did not do much. Set for this race and the noise out of Werribee was positive.

The best run in Caulfield Cup by mile was Youngstar. She will eat 3200m, back to Flemington Yes and has the WinX form.

1. The Magic Circle
2. Yucatan
3. Marmello
4. Youngstar

Tristan Rainer

This year it seems much clearer to be able to say around a dozen horses can not win, or at least, will be very, very (very!) Surprising to see them win. The best solution is the best of those I do not want to be on, just because they were forced to carry the top weight.

So who is in the mix? Cross Counter and Rostropovich are my lightweight prospects.

Yucatan is a favorite of the law but certainly has some questions about his ability to reach 3200.

The vicious circle will appreciate the forecast rain while Muntahaa is a classic but has a history of being a naughty boy at his races, fighting his rider. A failure to calm this temper may put an end to his chances, but I am about to take the risk given its opposite.

I have to give Youngstar a given chance that she will not carry much weight, and my hardness includes who shot Thebarman, so watch out for ten-year-old run four if there's a great pace!

The route and its state given the rain is a big factor. Without it, the magic circle goes from a $ 8 chance to $ 40. It also brings Abilius to my game. The trophy is very open and even change it late but now, until it rains, it's a hard track.

But there are probably three or four that seem to obviously cut a chance to win depending on certain factors I worked up.

1. Monteha
2. Yucatan
3. Magic Circle (if there is rain, it gets elevated)
4. Youngstar

Cameron Rose

As far as I think about it, there are only two winning opportunities this year if every horse in the field has even luck.

The victory of Herbert Power of Yucatan was the run of the carnival (maybe only the winx of Turnbull Stakes was better, but you know, it is Winx).

The Magic Circle was dominant in his last two victories, and he also has the stamina and acceleration to win the Melbourne Cup. Youngstar's best Australian hopes, and Muntahaa's next best international comes from a strong Ebor disability discount.

1. Yucatan
2. The Magic Circle
3. Youngstar
4. Montaha

Stuart Thomas

Tipping Winners This Spring Carnival, Winx aside, has been a difficult task for the expert as well as the amateur rank. Lying somewhere in between, I had some luck. However, this Melbourne Cup will be different and have the top four sorted well. If you understand my lead, success will surely come your way.

While the vicious circle may be all the rage, it will be the Irish representative Muntahaa Italian that welcomes the referee in first place on Tuesday afternoon. Despite a little windy weather, the track should be firm enough for him and obstacle 13 is a great obstacle.

Hugh Bowman will be warm on the heels of the winners on Marmelo, allowing the fastest pace that seems likely and the best solution of the Caulfield Cup victory will prove relevant to the book. Godolphin runs is of tremendous quality and will not be too far off the pace in the final stages.

Fourth place will go Yucatan, whose race will be destroyed and dominated by a poor barrier drawing.


1. Monteha
2. Marmello
3. The Magic Circle
4. Yucatan

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