Saturday , November 27 2021

AFL 2021: Parental Dakers coach Justin Longmore tried to persuade West Coast Eagles star Josh Kennedy to join the club


Primental coach Justin Longmore has detailed a failed plan that would have broken the heart of any West Coast Eagles fan.

Parental coach Justin Longmore has revealed that he offered West Coast star Josh Kennedy an off-field role in the Duckers from next season, but the winning forward could not be tempted to leave the Eagles.

Kennedy, 34, has yet to sign for Eagles next year so Regal had a chance to add the Western Australian champion to the stabbing squad and Longmire made a move.

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“I got the feeling about a role off the field earlier in the season,” Longmir said its.

However, the two-time Coleman Medal told Longmore that he is interested in taking the field again in 2022, and has put Longmore’s hopes of carrying out a cross-town raid, at least for now.

“He made it clear he wanted to play again and (said) he and the West Coast had probably reached an agreement for a year,” Longmir said.

“Once he finishes his playing career, I will ask him again and see if he wants to come as we have seen how he can be with the younger players.”

Longmore said Kennedy’s ability to mentor young talent led him to make contact.

“He’s great at imparting his knowledge and experience to the younger players,” he said.

“I think he’s someone who can help us along the way, but I think we’ll have to wait another year or two.”

Although Kennedy will not pack his suitcases for Primental in 2022, but former Wells Wells captain Bob Murphy.

The 312-game Bulldog was unveiled as Primental’s new chief operating officer early last month.

“There is something in Primal that I feel a certain connection to. I have a bit of a thing for underdogs and strangers, so it just feels to me like a good match, “Murphy said.

“I’m just grateful to have been given the opportunity to be welcomed at this proud football club.”

On the field, the Stingers are getting ready to welcome midfielder Jordan Clark Will Brody from next season.

The first-round draft pick for Gillong and Gold Coast, respectively, Longmore hopes the young pair will be able to bolster the pitchers ’midfield, who lost Adam Sera to Carlton.

The Eagles, meanwhile, have picked their own former draft pick in the midst of unwanted Carlton midfielder Sam Petersbecki-Seton.

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