Thursday , October 28 2021

Australia’s live update on Cubid: Victoria records 950 local cases and seven deaths; Queensland Plates for Local Cases News in Australia


The Doherty Institute modeling, which formed the basis of the national plan agreed in the National Cabinet, delivered 80% [vaccination] Locks were unlikely.

They may exist, but they will be temporary [and] focused. In such a case the welfare system provides this support.

The existing payment for the Cubid disaster is an emergency payment. The Commonwealth currently provides more than $ 1 billion in taxpayer money each week.

That emergency payment should end, That’s why we set up a transition plan of 70 to 80% [vaccination].

I do not think anyone has called for $ 300 billion in financial support to be stingy.

If you look around the world … whether it’s in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, people are starting to deal with their normal lives. Learn to live with the virus safely for Cubid.

Since our vaccination percentages reach 70 and 80%, we need to do the same. So this post today backs up our plan and allows Australians to get their lives back.

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