Friday , May 7 2021

Dutton Surf A preview of an amphibious vehicle: "Passing between a car and a rubber duck" Martin Love Technology

Dutton Surf
£ 22,000
MPG 30
Top speed 85 mph on the beach 6mph (

Is it a boat? Is it a vehicle? In fact, it's the best of both – an amphibious vehicle. This is the ideal solution for anyone thinking of driving to the beach and then … well, traveling to the sea. For the past 50 years, Tim Dutton has been at the helm of his eponymous firm. He began his career in 1969 and is proud that Dutton is the oldest car company in the world that is still fully owned by its founder. It is based in a workshop in the beautiful village of Littlehampton, where it has its own route to the Ark River. Visitors can take Surf out for a test drive / cruise. You will not be surprised to hear that Dutton Duttonton ownership is a niche issue – Tim sells about a dozen a year. Most drivers / captains just want to have fun – who was not in a vehicle that looked like a switch between a sports car and a rubber duck? – But there are more serious applications, too. Tim has sold some to the army, and the sailors love them as they can just drive straight into the yacht harbor. If you want to see one of those floating cars-and congratulate Tim on his half-century in the business-he'll be at National Kit Car next weekend and at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

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