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What a way to send the old boy.

England, England team Rooney is leaving behind after 120 caps, he really is fearless.

The new kids on the block were out impressing, to show off some skills Ronnie has been drooling over this week.

They did just that.

Along with the courage, Garth Southgate added a stack.

Ronnie eventually came to be a subconscious.
Ronnie eventually came to be a subconscious.source: AP

The 17-year-old Wazza, the monster who threatened to tear the law book when he made his debut back in 2003, would love to be part of it.

He got there at the end, summoning his joints the last time to get off the substitute bench and 11 minutes into the second half.

Clyngard, the top scorer of the English Open in the first half, gave way to Manchester United.

Fabian Delf, the night captain, ran to him to give him an arm as 68,155 inside Wembley rose to salute the state records.

England players celebrate the goal together.
England players celebrate the goal together.source: AFP

Unnamed: Be ashamed with the emotion it was not, but it was still very Ronny's special tonight.

By then the team he was leaving behind were 2-0 up, with Liverpool boy Trent Alexander Arnold scoring his first for the state with a quality strike on the right.

It was a dignified and dignified farewell, when the English players put a smile on his face by tearing at this old American side.

Clio Wilson, pushed into the group to make his debut in England, scoring the third after 77 minutes.

Good for him.

Callum Wilson scored for the first time.
Callum Wilson scored for the first time.source: AP

The new breed has some of Rooney's old traits, the top top habits to pick up as they make their way through the game.

Cindy Lindgard and Trent Alexander Arnold, two goals of England, plus Della Eli, Joe Saints, Harry Winx and Wilson were impressed.

If it was an audition for a day to fill his boots, then Dela was probably a shadow.

The Tottenham man, who was always struggling to convince under Southgate, was excellent out there.

Ronny hit her, patting wildly from the side as Lindgard scored a gem just outside the area.

The next generation is not bad.

It was the third goal of England's Linderga, a carbon copy of the beauty he scored against Panama in the World Cup.

It was an instructive performance of England against a truly terrible side of the United States.

Trent Alexander-Arnold hit low and hard to fire Gozan.
Trent Alexander-Arnold hit low and hard to fire Gozan.source: AFP

This is Roni's final game, the final appearance of his country after a successful career, colorful and ultimately successful.

To be 15 years as England player honors orders, one of the few players who can make a case of a farewell appearance.

He did not get the goal he wanted, with Guzan denying the legend to finish with a decent stop at the time of injury.

However, it is still a special relationship.

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