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Everything we know so far

Season 8 of Game of Thrones It is still a bit out of the still, but as it approaches, more and more details on it begin to emerge. So what can we expect from the game of final season chairs? Here's all we know so far.

Before you go any further, there are some potential spoilers for the new season below. There probably will not be anything broken, but if you're eager to come in with fresh eyes, I'd stop reading now. For everyone, go ahead.

How many episodes will be in the GOT 8 season?

There will be 6 episodes in the final season of the series, but they will run more than usual. While most episodes up to now have run on the standard 60 minutes, rumor has it that Season 8 episodes will run for 80 to 90 minutes each.

When does it start and end?

In an interview a little ago, the Aryeh Stark player, Macy Williams, said Metro, "We're broadcasting our first episode in April [2019]". Welp, she was in that place HBO Teaser released revealing the month began as, indeed, in April next year.

Assuming they are releasing an episode a week, the series should wrap six weeks after the premiere, so May or maybe even June 2019.

Who is behind the scenes?

All 6 chapters will be directed by Miguel Sopf Nick, David Natter, And create, David Benioff, And D.B. Weiss.

He strengthened them both The bronze and Battle of the Bastards / Episodes, while Nutter directed the terrible Red Wedding Chapter, so it looks like they have all hands on deck in the game of final season chairs. No doubt it was going to be a complete fool.

Dave Hill, The guy who wrote the chapter, East, Wrote Episode 8 of Premiere in the episode, and Producer, Brian Kugman, Wrote the second. Both Benioff and Weiss wrote the remaining four.

new friends? And what about the old ones?

The new casting of the last season was quite rare, which should not be surprising considering more people are probably going to die than to get to this stage of the story. There, however, was casting calls for parts like "The North Girl" andBoy, " as per Standalone, But I gamble these are more kind of roles than anything important.

Other reports said that the leader The Golden Company In the series' Harry Strickland, Will be activated by The Last Kingdom /& # 39; s Mark Riessman.

Of course, anyone who played a big role in the previous season and did not die, will return to the end of their stories, but there are a few more that might be a bit of a surprise (this is where these potential spoilers kick in, people).

Charis van Hooten, Who plays the mystery A red woman, Posted and then deleted Instagram After hinting she would be back this season. Wilf scolds, Who played John SnowThe real father, Rhaegar Targaryen, Also give some sleek details about his repeating series using Instagram.

And DempseyWho plays? Gandhi, Has an interesting tease and a big role last season, saying he did "A little fair" for this.

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Unnamed: How's all this going to end?

Well, you probably already know this, but things do not look good for just about anyone. Of course, no one knows for sure – not even the players – but hints and rumors indicate many of your favorites meet their 8 season deaths.

Emilia Clarke /Who plays? Danry, Said the last moments in the exhibition "Fuck me" andKnowing it's going to be a constant taste in someone's mouth what Daenerys … "

Curious, is not it?

But whatever the outcome, some players are happy with the sense of closure. Sophie Turner Says it "supplier" and "Blood is more than ever, it is full of betrayal, full of war, full of danger." Peter Dinkleg Said that showrunners "In the end it's brilliant. Better than I could imagine, and you people. It ends nicely for my character – whether it's tragic or not. "

It's also worth remembering that many of the players have taken multiple shots, so when they think they know how it ends, reality is only very few, so we'll just have to wait and see what the game of chairs and dishes last season for us.

Will Season 8 be the end of the game of chairs?

In its current form, yes, but we know that GoT Prequel is already in the works, so you still get a lot more stories from Westros in the future.

Created by Martin and The Goldman wine, It will take place a thousand years before the events of the game of chairs and focus on the first clash between humans and Going to the boys Known as "God a long night".

as per Bloys, The first pilot will be produced in the first quarter of 2019.

How to watch the game of final season chairs in Australia

Because Foxtel Still owns the rights to play chairs on Australia, This is still the only way to watch the series, unfortunately. HBOIts own streaming service, HBO For, Not available here, so if you are eager to wait for the series to finish, so you can pick it up iTunes, You just have to bite the ball and go with what we have.

Your best and cheapest option is probably going to be Foxtel Streaming Service, now. The good thing about this is that there are no lock contracts, so once the series ends, you can kick that crap and restrain if you want. God pop or drama Packages containing GoT will bring you back to $ 15 a month.

You have it, people, we will keep this thread updated with deets for the fresh game of Thrones final season, so check again when you are more hungry.


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