Thursday , September 29 2022

Formula 3, Sofia Flores, hanging race


Macau Grand Prix was brought to a dead end during the Formula 3 race when German driver Sofia Floersch flew into the air after a high-speed crash.

Floersch, just 17 years old, lost control of her car Van Amersport racing as she darted toward the tight right corner and slammed into the inner wall.

She then leaped back in the direction of the queue and after cutting the sidewalk, her car became airborne before she hit the other driver Xu Tzuboi with incredible speed.

As a result of the impact, it launched it high into the air in which it collided with the obstacle before its car was smashed into a photo bunker and reincarnated on its wheels.

The terrifying footage is captured from all angles by the fans of presence with a vision that looks like something more out of the film than the actual race.

Despite the enormous impact of the crash, the FIA ​​confirmed that Floersch was aware and was taken to the hospital.

"Following an evaluation by the medical staff, the driver is aware and then taken to the hospital for further evaluation," the statement said.

Unfortunately the result of the crash ended with five people being taken to the hospital with two drivers, two photographers and one Marshal route.

The astonishing impact of the crash was caught below the bend and slowed to show the moment when Fleischer had flown and cut the barrier before her car was sent back to the bunker.

A one-hour delay occurred with the barrier being repaired and the wounded were present before the race was restarted.

Floersch looks like one of the rising stars and upcoming sports.

She previously ran in the F4 – and made history in her debut race by becoming the first female to score points in the ADAC Formula 4 race.

She also broke records by becoming the youngest driver to win the championship. Junior.

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