Monday , April 12 2021

Markan Megan has never been seen before the spell spacing & love. As she visits the victims Grenfell Royal news

Meghan flashed her new jewel today as she visited the victims of the tower of Grenpel Tower today, to cook a feast for homeless people.

The ring is believed to be "Love Ring Jamie" designed by LA-based jeweler Meredith Hahn, and retails for £ 54 online.

The work is available in three different materials – 18K vermeil, 18K sterling silver and 14K gold, which retails for 230 pounds.

All material available in yellow and pink gold options, Meghan is believed to be wearing the gold piece of gold.

The Duchess of Sussex was stunned by a £ 282 coat, dressed in a dress from the Club Club Monaco, paired with black stockings to cover Britain's cold spell in the afternoon.

She ended her eyes with a pair of black ankle boots of £ 770 by her wedding dress designer, Yevenshi.

Meghan met women from the community kitchen Hubb, a group of survivors from the Grenpel Fire Tower, who created a volunteer kitchen at their local mosque and cook for their community.

The duchess previously collaborated with the women to release a cookbook called "Together: Our Community Cookbook, with all the proceeds going to the community kitchen.

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Meghan was seen talking and communicating with the volunteers, and also joined them in cooking over 250 fresh meals, which were delivered to homeless people in the area.

Zahera Sufian, a member of the Haub Community Kitchen, told Harper's Bazaar: "We got along very well – she's part of the group.

"She is happy to come back, she visits regularly and privately, it has kept everyone motivated and inspired people to now do their own projects."

She added: "We opened the doors to everyone, we do not want to do it on a particular race, religion or anything, it's always included and we want everyone to feel welcome."

The cookbook contains more than 50 recipes from the volunteers themselves, featuring dishes from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The book has sold over 40,000 copies across the UK, raising over £ 210,000 since it was published seven weeks ago.

Supported by the Royal Foundation and published by the Random House Penguin, the book sales now have enough money for the kitchen to be completely renovated and kept running.

"Every time she visited, she hugged all the children and always put the children on her knees and sat down to hug them," said Elsaig, 62, a volunteer at Habab Harper's Bazaar.

"She said, 'I love kids,' and I told her '[Because of] What have you done for us, Allah will give you the baby.

"So my children called me [last month] Like, "Mom, congratulations!" And I said 'What?' And they said pregnant Meghan!

"We are so happy for her, a good heart will be a good mother, she really loves Harry."

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