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Married at First Sight: James Weir recreates episode 26

The poisoned groom of a married man at first sight is exposed by his friends as a liar on Tuesday night after they start gossiping about him without realizing that the cameras are still secretly rolling.

This is an approach to the basic approach of the producers and we really enjoy it. Pretends to turn off the cameras – classic. The rough and ready scene is dripping with so much skill and precision that the producers have to collectively present the logical report for a highly outstanding public debate alongside four corners.

These members are of course not from MAFS. When it comes to this show, there are two things we know for sure: The cameras are never really turned off. And the rumors are always true.

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Speaking of things that may or may not be true, Beck tells Jake that she needs to leave because her dog is sick or needs to be fed or he graduated from college or something.

At last night’s engagement ceremony, she chose to leave the experiment but was then caught for another week when Jake revealed his decision to stay.

It’s important to note this – because while we’m not accusing her of telling fiber, it’s a bit suspicious that her bitch just jumped out of college at the last minute.

“Obviously I’m going home,” she says. “I really do not know how long I will be back home but my priorities are on Oscar right now. I may not return and … (I) think I may not return to it.”

She shoots Jake one last glare through the glass doors of the elevator.

The voicemail informs us that this whole week will be dedicated to last dates and we are screaming in horror. Then we turn completely black when we see that everyone is wearing merchandise from head to toe.

It is clear that we will not list all the recent dates in this summary. If we wanted to endure this punishment, we would buy our own voucher for the red balloon and go on a helicopter ride in the middle of the week while eating supermarket cheese.

We’re here to watch the scandal and if we have to go to Bryce’s house in Canberra to find her, this is Rex’s flight we’m ready to board.

Melissa has a secret mission and pledges to pump Bryce’s spouses into Intel over the rumor about the mystery company from the outside. When Bryce goes to get some drinks from the bar, she seizes the opportunity and recites the commander of the events that befell her marriage.

“He threw a glass of water and there was a rumor that he had a girlfriend out of the experiment,” she sighs to friends, quickly telling the very convoluted story of how Bryce claims he gave a gift to a friend who would return to some random Canberra lady. “Is there any truth in this company’s rumor?”

You better believe this Queen knows what’s going on:

Friends sit in uncomfortable silence with their eyes darting around the porch.

“what did he say to you?” One of them dares, trying to find out the details so as not to blow up Bryce’s cover story.

Melissa explains that Bryce said he half-saw a girl on Tinder and broke her up after being accepted into this freak show.

“I don’t really have piles to respond to. If I had known more, I would have totally jumped in,” one of the other chicks nods confidently.

But as Bryce and Melissa leave the bar to complete the continuation of their boring final date, friends suddenly have piles to respond to.

The production team turns off lighting and packs cables while members whisper about the alleged secret company.

“Do you think he lied to her?” Asks one of them.

“Yes,” another shoots back.

“Yes, no doubt.”

And this is when one of the girls confirms everything: “Because the gift thing is right.”

We are panting. Lies and scandals in Canberra – it’s just not something you hear about every day.

Melissa continues to play the interaction with Bryce’s friends over and over again in her head. They did not confirm the lie, but they also did not deny it. And now she doubts her husband even more than before she started digging.

Either way, we’d rather be lied to non-stop in Canberra than come to terms with Patrick’s last date.

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