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Meet the friends behind the $ 4 million empire


Two blocks from Queensland left their jobs a day to make coffee.

It does not sound like the most lucrative move, but it turns out that this couple knew exactly what they were doing and turned a simple coffee idea into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

And they did it in less than two years.

Friends and fitness fitters, Jaryd Terkelsen, 30 and Ash Bisset, 31, launched the Coffee Coffeeyospepeak in 2017 – do not realize that they will soon be the friend behind Australia's fastest growing instant coffee.

The company specializes in high performance, excessive instant coffee bags, which can be used to increase performance in the gym (before training), or a simple way to "get s ** not done" and this won the following among gym lovers.

"We always used to drink a lot of instant coffee to help us pick out early in the morning, and I thought there was something better in the market," Reed told

"So we started experimenting by mixing different things into our coffee as coconut oil to try and increase performance because adding fats as it has mental and cognitive benefits to help you stay focused and we need it with our long days."

The boys came up with the idea in the middle of 2016, and the following year he was on the market.

Fire, sports nutritionist and physical activity, said they jumped at the opportunity after seeing a huge gap in the market.

"We had great luck with our position as we had a lot of great contacts to get into, present our idea and then our product, given our industry era."

Then they continued to launch their first "coffee bags" with key ingredients: a single source, Colombian coffee beans, turmeric extract and Siberian ginseng (a traditional Chinese herbal medicine for increasing energy).

The box reads: "Our industry has rules about what we can and can not say about this package."

"So we will not tell you that our coffee contains ingredients kick ass to improve your metal performance.We also will not tell you that our coffee will make you feel F ** k *** great because of the mood raising properties."

Jaryd said that while there are some unique aspects to their "liquid gold" products – gold because it actually has golden gold – their most unique ingredient is turmeric.

"It's not something that people associate with coffee but it has shown that there are many benefits such as intestinal infections and health which are without doubt two major health concerns that people are really aware of today."

In the past, more than 2 million coffee had already been sold after about 18 months.

They will soon launch in the US, and are in talks with Amazon.

Of the 43 countries they distribute, the US is their largest market outside of Australia.

Last October they released their collagen coffee for skin health aimed at women next month and will release their third product of creamer coffee. It contains MCT oil powder, avocado oil powder, coconut fiber powder and fiber method which they say is great for the keto market due to its good fats.

With all this and the launch of their American venture, the boys are on track to hit $ 4 million in revenue this year.

They owe their success not only to social media by helping brand awareness but in collaboration with online industry experts such as Australian sports nutrition and nutrition nutrition.

There is no slowdown in boys who are always looking for new ways to make functional coffee space.

"We want to grow the world's largest functional coffee company – we do not like doing small things, we want to be global," said Reed.

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