Wednesday , June 23 2021

Mother jailed for helping son on drug charges to flee country

If in Queensland she spends at least two years behind bars after helping her son escape a pending drug trial, by buying a yacht for him and telling the court he took his life.

Makai’s wife, 67, was found guilty of giving false testimony and attempting to tolerate the course of justice and was sentenced to four years in prison, with a two-year suspended sentence.

An investigation by the Australian Federal Police found that the woman “deliberately misled legal proceedings” after her son did not appear in court for charges of importing and trading cocaine in 2015.

AFP is wanted by her son for his role in allegedly importing more than 71 kilograms of cocaine to Australia in 2011. He was arrested in the Philippines in September 2017.

Police said the woman assisted her son in evading authorities by “purchasing and preparing a yacht for him to escape” while he was on bail.

The woman told the Supreme Court in 2016 that she had not heard from this structure for several weeks, and that her son had taken his own life.

Assets and cash totaling $ 395,000, which were provided to secure his bail, were recorded in court following his disappearance.

The woman was arrested in Makai in July 2019, and sentenced on November 12, 2020.

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