Wednesday , September 29 2021

No Time to Die – Aston Martin and Ella change before the film premieres

James Bond usually has access to the latest technological toys.

But a viral epidemic contained and a change of heart on the part of Aston Martin’s new boss means Aston Martin who stars in the next Bond film will not be updated until he hits silver screens.

Aston Martin provided early previews of Valhalla’s upcoming supercar for use in “No Time to Die,” the next episode in Bond’s story.

The film, which was originally released in April 2020, was postponed to October 2021 at the latest.

This is inconvenient for the Aston Martin, as the hero car shown in the film currently has little relevance to the examples in the showroom.

Launched for the first time with styling borrowed from Aston Martin Valkyrie offering a wide range and powered by an F1-inspired V6 turbo engine, Valhalla said a new look and engine.

In the same way that Aston Martin’s Formula 1 team borrows engines from Mercedes-Benz, the Wallahla is driven by the wildest engine offered by the German brand’s AMG department.

The new Aston Martin CEO – and former Mercedes AMG boss – Tobias Morse took full advantage of the connections within Germany to gain access to the 4.0-liter Twin Turbo V8.

Powered by a special version of the Mercedes V8 previously reserved for the black Mercedes AMG GT series, the Hela has 550 kilowatts of increased petrol power.

Electric motors that drive the front wheels raise the total output to about 700 hp and 1000 nanometers, a touch less than 735 kg boasting the Ferrari SF90.

But the Aston needs to be lighter and faster, thanks to a carbon-fiber body and more aggressive aerodynamics.

While the original show car looked strange, the production model can be identified as the Aston Martin thanks to the front grille shape and finish well linked to the latest DBX crossover.

Elegant dual-clutch automatic transmission, eight gears, special Michelin tires and carbon-ceramic brakes help deliver world-class performance.

The brand says that its machine is able to skip the Norburging circuit in Germany in about 6 minutes and 30 seconds, making it the fastest production car for sale by any margin.

Prices and full specifications for the limited model have not been approved in Australia, but we would not expect a change of a million dollars.

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