Thursday , October 28 2021

Samsung's Galaxy Unlocked F Unlocked to debut in March: report


Samsung recently unveiled its first smartphone, the next Galaxy F, but one detail that the company left at the announcement event could cause some jaws to fall – the Galaxy F smartphone could sell at a high price of $ 1,770.

Samsung officials introduced the Galaxy F at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco on November 7, but no company price or date of arrival was mentioned. This changed on November 12 when Yonhap news agency In South Korea, the phone is expected to announce its sale in March 2019 at a price of about 2 million Korean won ($ 1,770), according to unnamed sources.

The Galaxy F will probably be screened at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in February, ahead of the launch of March. Also being unveiled by Samsung at MWC 2019 will be its Galaxy S10 smartphone, followed later by a Galaxy S10 model that will include 5G capabilities, according to Yup Sources. The new folding phone will not support 5G, the story continued.

At the SDC event, Samsung's president and CEO, Dong Daejin, who is also president of IT and mobile devices, said the folding smartphone will be released worldwide in the first half of 2019, 1 million devices.

The Galaxy F features a 4.6 "external display like a standard smartphone, which turns into a 7.4" screen. When both parts of the device break apart side by side. Samsung Calls Its Folding Screen In Infinite Flexible Display.

Folding phones have been an ongoing theme for a year or more in the IT industry, with Samsung Apple brands often mentioned as companies testing such phones.

Avi Gringart, mobile analyst for GlobalData at the SDC event, said eWEEK Because since Samsung has been talking about folding phones for a while, details about pricing, features and availability are really the most important issues on handsets for potential buyers.

"Samsung hopes that the flexible phone will become a new premium category, and its display division is definitely hoping to return some of the years of R & D investment it took them to develop," said Greengart.

At the SDC event, Samsung provided guidelines for developers to create applications that will work properly on folding phones, he said.

In addition, Samsung announced that when Samsung officially unveiled its Galaxy S10 at the beginning of next year, it expects the company to offer 5G tuned versions for each of the largest operators in the US "Samsung has always adopted new technology for the network," he said.

Tuong H. Nguyen, a mobile analyst at Gartner, said he expected demand for the phone to be limited for several reasons, including the high price rumor. "This type of tech leadership in form factors and displays is interesting, but is not very compelling for most consumers yet," he said. "[The foldable display] Looks like introducing technology for its own sake, rather than providing significant or irresistible value to the consumer. "

What makes more sense for Samsung are its plans, discovered in September, to correct its smartphone strategy by offering more midpriced models tuned to Millennials, Nguyen said. "I hope to see much more than that," he added. "This will be much more exciting news for a number of reasons," including a rise in value for the midtier, as well as a great way to increase market share and share the mind on the broader market, Nguyen said.

"Ideally, I want to see innovation peppered in any number of midtier devices, but look what happens," he said. "It will also be interesting because it may change the conversation, or maybe split it from a flag [devices].

Another analyst, Patrick Moorhead, director of Moore Insights and Strategy, said for users the main advantage of a folding display is that it can provide a larger view when using the device, while allowing it to be small enough to carry in a pocket, purse or coat.

"I'm very excited to see Samsung devices can enable with its flexible Infinity display," said Moorhead. "The business in smartphones is getting a little stale and needs something new to bring life into, it will not be easy to create a quality and valuable experience, but I think Samsung can do it."

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