Thursday , September 29 2022

Sophie & Britney may have a single & Together next year


Rumor has it that the two women were brutally dumped Honey badger At the end of the year The bachelor, Sophie Timman and Britney Hockley, Are defined as a second chance cop on reality TV Love as co-exist,single ladies, He said internally NW.

When it turned out they could not lay Brooke in Lorton Who stars Singles in Heaven Next year – who are "Desperate to be" as AustraliaA first bisexual single, the producers apparently had to "Come up with a plan at & quot;"And turned his gaze to the other In & quot; First: Let's have two of them!

The analyst estimates that the gimmick is part of a producer's scheme to review the ratings afterwards Ali OtagSeason: "Page & # 39;roducers need a new trick to win back their rankings. and that's it."

Okay, sure, uh, pls explain more, elusive face:

Instead of just one girl holding out the roses, they realized why not get them both at the mansion there's a double Single.

They are already best friends, and have the same guy dates once and were able to respect it and make it work. So it's easy for them to do it again, this time with a whole group of boys.

God, imagine. Does that mean there will be more than 18 men once? What if they both think the same thing? What if the pack of blocks loved one woman more than the other? What if none of the guys were picking at any of them? So many options.

And how will it work? One week, one week off Singles in Heaven? They are both simply handing out roses one after the other during the ceremony, as if they are choosing teams for a T-ball? Do not you think it would be even more damaging to be dumped by the two women?

In any case, it can also work, given the friendly friendship of the girls. Talks with PEDESTRIAN.TV to another Because Finley, Hawley described others as "Amazing person"And said they had"He grinned" goddess Hunter Valley Together for the weekend of wine following their double rejection: "Unnamed: We've been on a low level supporting each other."

Tayman also told us that they "very close"And there were"Enjoying life"Together, literally clicking on that point this year In & quot; Really showed the power of "Women who support women"He said.

So that they could support each other through the ups and downs of breaking the hearts of a dozen torn blocks. Sounds like a good TV.


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