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The death of a man from a migratory suspicion shook the wound of users of Hobart Beach



November 18, 2018 12:01:23

The death of a man from a suspicious, appalled injury took advantage of the users at the beach near Hobart, and there were those who feared they might not swim there again.

The 42-year-old man, whose identity was not released, died yesterday of cardiac arrest shortly after being injured in his lower abdomen.

The incident took place around 3 pm on the southeast coast of Lauderdale Beach, about 13 km east of Hobart, low tide and shallow places popular among swimmers.

Police on a scene told ABC Strangery is believed responsible for the death of the man, who later qualified as a "wound wound … possibly caused by a marine animal."

People who appeared on the ABC Hobart Facebook page were terrified of death, while other tagging they knew would use the unmarked coastline.

The beach is a well-known place for stingrays and skis, according to locals.

"Always piles of roller skates in the bay, condolences to everyone," Lynn Lucas wrote on ABC Hobart's Facebook page.

I saw large, wide bones in shallow water on the Lauderdale Beach as it dawned, "said Julia Handy-Cartwright.

"How awful, use piles on Five Mile Beach when I was beating the horses," said another.

Some people have said they will be more cautious now, or reconsider if you venture into the water at all.

"I do not believe he's dead, he'll have to be careful from now on," wrote Down Hill.

"Looks like he's not swimming in the summer… We've never seen it there … something terrible will happen," Brock Brig said.

"It's right in front of where we lived … how terrible!" Jan Foley published.

"That's why I can talk with a mouthful of snorkel, these things are scary," said Jane Blut.

Yesterday, Clarence Mayor Doug Yippman said the council would take a decision if the coast should be closed.

"We need to find out if this is a one-time tragic accident or if there is a wider threat to the community," he said yesterday.

The beach remains open today.

The man's family began to receive a message, but asked his name not to be published.

Tasmania police are investigating the incident.


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