Thursday , May 13 2021

The Koyong liberal-level transition plan is worth $ 100 million

"Few nodes remain with transitions at a level where trains, trams and vehicles intersect," he said.

Mr. Friedenberg said the removal was necessary because there were 24 trains at the height of the morning, when the boom gate closed almost a third of that period.

But Victorian Transportation Minister Jacinta Allen rubbed the proposal as "a desperate promise of freedom of elections."

Transport Minister Jacinta Allen rejected the liberal plan to remove the Koyong crossing as a transit route

Transport Minister Jacinta Allen rejected the liberal plan to remove the Koyong crossing as a "desperate" act. credit:And Armao

She said that the funding allocated would hardly cover the cost of an alternative to a cheaper rail bridge and would allow "massive disruption" by forcing passengers on alternative buses for months.

Ms. Allen said that the transition plan at Glanfrey level revealed the federal government's concern about maintaining Higgins' constituency and Mr. Friedenberg's residence in Koyong.

"Victoria needs a significant part of infrastructure funding and its partner Dinkum Fair Canberra, not such stunts," she said.

However, the federal government rejected the criticism of Victorian work, insisting on the funding allocated to remove the level of transit is a conservative estimate will cover the project costs.

Level transition from the sheds were major themes in the past two election campaigns of the state government work.

Ms. Allen said that the Andros government has completed 29 level transition removals and will be removed 75 in total by 2025.

Earlier this year the state government unveiled plans to remove the Toorak Road and Kooyong passage through the so-called "Sky Train" option.

The federal government has made rafts of infrastructure promises in an attempt to vote voters in Victoria where the Liberal Party is staring at a series of threats and seats in the heart.

In Kryyong's book, he faces the high challenges of former liberalist Oliver Yates and prominent lawyer Julian Burnside, who is running for the Greens.

In Higgins, Cathy Allen was elected by the Liberal Party after Minister Kelly Kelly O'Dwyer announced she was leaving Parliament.

The Labor Party replaced Higgins' candidate with Senior Barrister Fiona Mac and Laud Seck in March while Jerusalem candidate Jason Ball launched a second bid for the seat.

Benjamin is a political correspondent of the state

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