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The Sydney driver gets 33 demerit points at one stop for unbridled children


April 28, 2019 14:25:46

Adam shares 33 points in one stopover in southwest Sydney, after the police said they found five unbridled children on the floor of his truck.

After pulling the van for a random breath test at Vedbin yesterday afternoon, officers said they spotted an 11-year-old girl with no hindrance in her back and a three-year-old boy who did not have a happy baby in his seat or a seat belt.

After a closer look, the police said they had discovered three other children – ages 4, 6, and 8 unchecked under the blanket on the floor of the van.

The 38-year-old boy received a traffic violation notification for each unbridled child and one for a defective seat belt.

Due to double duplication for the period of Easter, the total was brought to 33 points – enough to get his driver's license suspended more than twice.

In a separate incident in the afternoon, police pulled a woman in a teacher in the north of the country and took her out with 24 points of bribe after saying they had found four uninhibited children in her car.

In a statement Deputy Commissioner Michael Corboy said that drivers should not put passengers at risk.

"People should be responsible for unsafe drivers, whatever they may be," he said.

"The reality is that they not only put their own lives and their passengers at risk, but also others traveling on the NSW road."

The incidents came after a woman on the central coast of the country was treated 28 twilight points on Monday for Easter, after the police noticed that she was using her cell phone while she was driving and found three children without restraint.

Since last Wednesday 5,599 violations have been issued and six fatal crashes on NSW roads.

During the long weekend of Easter, 10,177 violations were issued and there were three deaths on state roads.


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