Saturday , May 21 2022

US Election Elections: Celebrities cast down vote


Saudis across the US are turning to the polls to vote in the Knesset elections.

Stars including Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Blake Leibley, Mariska Hargitay, Edda Pinkett Smith & Justin Timberlake took all social media to show off their "voted" stickers and encourage fans to do the same.

Actress Olivia Wilde went on to Instagram to appease her followers to "go and be awesome".

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His colleague Tomer Blake Leibley posted a photo of her husband and birthday holder Ryan Reynolds, describing him as "the sexiest voter of life".

Pop star Astine Timberlake took a celebrity and announced that he had voted in absentia.

Demi Lovato marked her return to Instagram with her duo. It was her first since July 24 after she was overiose overoid.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had some fun at Kevin Hart while sharing a strong political message.

Edda Pinkett-Smith proudly presented the label "Pointed" to Eastman.

Orange is the New black Star Laura Prepon also voted.

Kerry Washington published "I did it!"

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson sent the vote by mail on November 5 distance Star-Share the snap of the envelopes with big thumbs up.

Former Hillary Clinton adviser Philip Reines recently said National ReviewHe struggled to see how any potential Democratic candidate could take Donald Trump – unless of course, they were Tom Hanks.

"I think Tom Hanks will win, I think the rock will win," Mr. Rains said.

"I find it hard to see how many of the people who work will win, just like the comparison."

Sika Alba, who was adopted by former US President Barack Obama in 2008, told Investagram that she voted for her children.

Mariska Hargitay announced that she voted for Twitter.

Nicole Richie voted but did not say who.

Seth Meyers has shown that he is pointed out by publishing a family portrait on Instagram.

In the past two years, Donald Trump's presidency has unfolded like a realistic television show without a dramatic shortage during which many celebrities weighed with enthusiastic calls for voters to vote.

Leonardo DiCaprio posted a video to his Twitter account with Brad Pitt calling on all Americans to vote " [election] Of our lives. "

Veep Actress Julia Lewis Dreyfus has released an emotional video of her Twitter account, which calls on people to vote as one way to end the "fear, racism and violence" disseminated by the Trump administration.

Yelenaal expressed his support for Boto or Rourke, the Texan candidate challenging Republican Rep. Ted Cruz to his Senate seat.

"Vote for change, for compassion, for manners, for wisdom," wrote Gyllenhaal. "The color that you can, because we are fighting for rights by exercising them," wrote the 37-year-old actor who presented a picture of himself wearing a T-shirt that supports O Rourke.

The Persecution of the Hill House / The star Kate Siegel was particularly enthusiastic about encouraging people to vote and vote in the main elections, sharing many posts on the Instagram-up vote until the voting day.

Abid Democrat, CHR called the election "a matter of life or death."

In the past, Taylor Swift has been widely criticized for not being politically vocal, but the pop star recently broke her silence and announced support for Tennessee Democrat Bill Bradsen.

"Please do not sit down [election] "Swift said through social media.

But Hollywood is not entirely liberal.

Conservative conservative James Woods took a Twitter to declare that vote [Republican] "Red" was "Save America".

Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger took a more diplomatic stance, saying "to be part of the solution."

"Democracy is not a spectator sport," he said.

The Story of the Maid /Elizabeth Moss shared a powerful quote by Margaret Atwood as the caption of the Instagram Post, but did not reveal to whom she voted.

"Ignoring is not like ignorance, you have to work on it," Moss wrote.

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