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Work backflips hopefully on red shirts



Twenty-two members of Parliament, including six ministers, were involved in a scandal and none of them, at the advice of their lawyers, spoke to the police.

But Ms. Stella, who appeared with the prime minister in Sevastopol on November 2, was asked by a journalist if she was willing to answer police questions.

"If they are asked, I will always cooperate with the police, of course," the candidate replied.

But when detectives turned to Ms. Stella in the days after the press conference, she exercised her legal right not to participate in the interview.

Ms. Stella refused this week to discuss the matter the age And directed questions to the work campaign.

"Since this is an ongoing matter, it is inappropriate to respond," said the campaign spokesman.

The Victorian police had similar tight lips on Thursday.

"As long as the investigation continues, it will not be appropriate to respond," the police spokesman said.

the age Realize that the detectives on the Fraud and Extortion Unit, have been frustrated by the MPs' refusal to be interviewed, remain boiling by Ms. Stella's backflip from her stated position on cooperation with the police.


The interview process in the "red shirts" investigation had several rounds and turns with an initial plan of detectives to interview members of parliament and ministers through a questionnaire that fell in October after a political and media outcry.

The coalition was furious later that month the age Revealed that lawyers working for some MPs caught in a scandal told police their customers will stop orders to come for questioning

The opposition, which is grappling with the issue as part of its election campaign, continued its pursuit of the Labor Party over the scandal on Thursday with Attorney General Pinochet, who distributed private legal advice.

Mr. Pesutto said on the advice of Brrister J. Richard Nash, QC, stated that criminal offenses may have been committed as part of the red shirts affair of Labor.

"he [Mr Nash] Believes, on the evidence before him, that there were crimes such as obtaining property by fraud, obtaining a financial advantage by fraud and possibly falsifying by fraud, "said Mr. Pesutto.

"All these are possible transgressions on the material before Mr. Nash, because he examined."

Noel Tall is a political political editor for the era

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