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A celebration of reflection and a look into the future

A celebration of reflection and a look into the future

"This holiday is a day of thanks to everyone who worked on how our homeland presents itself today." "This story should continue." Thomas Stelzer, Governor, in his speech. Photo: Volker and Arnold

A celebration of reflection and a look into the future

lynch. The Austrian state celebrated its 100-year history in front of the Lindhaus Linz Hotel and in the Steynernen Sal neighborhood.

By Heinz Steinbock,

November 19, 2018 – 00:04

It was a strong but solemn ceremony. In clear blue skies, the Honorary Society of the Federal Army and the Army Company stood on the Linz Promenade yesterday, and large battalions of police, aid and aid organizations were deployed. In 9 hours, with the national anthem and flag parade, the festivities began "100 years Austria Supreme". On November 18, 1918, the first Regional Regional Meeting met, not only decided on the election of Johann Nepomuk Hauser to the governor, but also the accession of the Federal State of Austria to the Supreme to declare the November 12 the first republic.

Peace and blessings were discussed by Bishop Manfred Scheuer and the Chief. Frederick Rosler, a memorial plaque designed by Gerhard Knugler, was discovered by Stelzer together with two children of the Eretz Israel youth choir, who accompanied the celebration.

The dignitaries of the Upper Austria gathered at the time in the stone hall of the village house, the main speakers, President Victor Siegel, historian Godola Walterskirchen and Governor Stelzer, who left the history of the country to this day. It was a "day of thanks to everyone who worked on our homeland today," Schlattzer said about the country's construction, especially after 1945. Among the speeches he sang the choir of the Saxen High School: "A century ago, there was something of this shortcoming for life," Voltairekirchen The time of the birth of the state, when the helplessness of the population and fear of the future prevailed.

Like the historian, Siegel also referred to the values ​​of today's democracy: "We can be grateful that our lives are shaped by them." Even today, there is a threat of extremism, warned Siegel: "We must constantly strengthen our democracy and bring people closer." For another political education, the four leaders of the Landtag Club, Helena Kirschmeier (vice president), FP Fast, Christian Makor (SP) and Gottfried Hires (Greens) spoke on a round table.

A Musical Symbol for the Future of the State: The Children's and Youth Choir of the State Theater sings in front of the village house.

Photo: Volker and Arnold

With "Long live our beautiful Austria" Stelzer finished his speech. Sigal also chose this phrase as the final word for the festive event.

Postal Day from 18 November 1918

"As in the mission of 48, messengers of great Germans, accompanied by many hopes and blessings, enter the general assembly of the state in order to grant the state a new democratic constitution." Thus began on November 18, 1918, in the report of the Tag-Post, the precursor of OANachrichten, where you can view the entire edition of that period as a PDF file:

PDF file (2.46 MBytes).


"Only the development of a stable democracy from 1945 has brought about the possibilities of broad prosperity and personal development, we are at a time when certain parts of society are moving to the right or left, we must act against it regularly and restore enthusiasm for democracy, especially among the youth."
Victor Siegel, president of Landtag

Governor Thomas Steltzer and President of the Political Parliament Viktor Siegel.


"100 years ago, the country was a deep division, there was a feeling of helplessness and fear of the future, but there was also hope for a better time.Today, Upper Austria is a well-established innovator in the world. A society that views democracy as good must be tolerant, but also defensive, and it shows history again and again. "
Gudola Volterskirchen, historian and central speaker

"For me, the main lesson is that we can and should demand for ourselves, and that we must do something, the house and the cosmopolitanism are not a contradiction, live our beautiful beautiful Austria."
Thomas Steltzer, the last word

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