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Avidan buys PPC close «


Positive News for PPC Insulators Closed Preuental. The company Ibiden in Deutschlandsberg buys the plant and takes over 60 employees. There are also expansion plans.

11.40, 07. November 2018

Ibiden is one of the world's leading suppliers of honeycomb ceramics for insulators
Ibiden is one of the world's leading suppliers of honeycomb ceramics for insulators © Thomas Weiser

For months there was a continuation Insulated PPC insulator manufacturer in perintal He wrestled. In the end failed – the plant was gradually closed in the first half of the year. The last time about 100 people were employed. Now, surprisingly, there is still a solution. As announced on Wednesday, We lost the Frauenthal porcelain factory In the neighboring Deutschlandsberg The entire site, as well as 60 employees of the closure PPC are isolated. By means of the merger, the spirit of time Ibidan waits for a heat storage area, such as a ladder Christoph The Hague On Wednesday at a press conference organized by the Istria.

In non-catalytic honeycomb ceramic, used in air purification systems for exhaust or residential ventilation for heat recovery, is the market leader. "With the acquisition of production areas and certain production facilities, we can now produce the ceramic material needed for these products ourselves, responding more flexibly to market demands and significantly increasing production capacity," Hague said.

Sales should be increased

In the next two years, the company wants to increase annual sales in this sector by 12% from 12 million euros, by 100% within five years. The company, which belongs to the Japanese Avidan group, sees some potential in the Asian market. Only last year, millions of contracts landed in China and India. Each year, a total of 20 to 30 million euros should be generated on the Far East markets in the automotive industry.

The Ivden porcelain factory at Frauenthal GmbH is according to its own data with a conversion of about 100 million euros in the current fiscal year to about 500 co-workers along with its subsidiaries in the US and Korea and one of the world's leading leading suppliers of industrial honeycomb ceramics. Years of manufacturing experience of engineering ceramics represented worldwide with products such as SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Honeycomb and Catalyst Shape Catalysts, Ceramic Heat Storage and SCR Diesel Catalysts for Commercial Vehicles.

Shared past

Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH has been part of Japanese Ibiden since 2012, which has more than 13,000 employees. The company was no longer associated with PPC insulated Austria GmbH. However, the two companies belonged together until 2001, and their origins date back to 1921, when Ludwig Neumann founded the company as "the first Austrian porcelain factory". Przellanfabrik Frauenthal was under the umbrella of Frauenthal AG Holdings from 2001 to 2012.

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