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Bayern confirms game cancellation – some users react badly


Before the season 2019/2020 is for Bayern FC again traveling to the United States on schedule. There should also be a game in China, which has now been canceled.

Update from April 30, 2019: Bayern's match against China's Chinese team was canceled. FC Bayern Munich announced its fans, among others, through Twitter's rejection of the appointment. The record's followers reacted with great severity. In comments some bad answers to read.

"Do not really touch me" should be read or even: "Like a train and wine is just passing." "Train and wine" metaphorically says "I'm not interested." Youth says today, "It's Wayne", if they do not care.

Other fans feared that this post was an opinion of James' future or his injury. "Okay, I'm fine with it as long as the next press release on the signing signature on James is" as well as "was a little scared because of James," writes a follower.

FC Bayern game suddenly canceled – and there is more confusion

Update from April 29, 2019: Bayern Munich wanted to go to China. In the context of global marketing, there is no special message. But when I looked closer, it was strange. The match against China national team should take place only four days after the final trophy. Therefore, a double party or a cup party on the terrace in Marienplatz were kept under time pressure.

100 invelve Egypt- kickerBecause the stadium was closed due to renovations. Now the club canceled the trip to Asia. On the FCB home page was read that a lot of "on the request of the Chinese State Ministry for organizational reasons changed" has become.

But then the sports magazine kicker Learn the following curiosity. The competent authority and the Chinese Football Association had no official knowledge, approval or mention.

FC Bayern checks against China national team – confusion instead

Updated April 2, 2019, 17:34: FC Bayern Munich will play on May 29 friendly in the Middle Kingdom. The capital of China, Beijing, the German record champion meets the Chinese team, only four days after a possible appearance in the DFB Cup final. Confusion prevails between Munich but now on the spot. As reported by Sports Bild, construction work began at the Olympic Stadium in the Asian metropolis since April 1, and is expected to take until the end of June.

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So, if FC Bayern visits Beijing, the renovation work will still be underway. Sabner Strasse apparently did not know of these circumstances. "Our partner, the Alliance, has it all agreed directly with the Ministry of Sports in China," said Germany's ruling champion Photo Sports With. So it remains to be seen under what conditions the game will take place.

Strange curious game Bayern: No double party in Marienplatz possible?

Updated from April 1, 2019, 10:50: If FC Bayern Munich get the double, it can be rare with a celebration on Marienplatz. Why? The record champions are traveling to China for a friendly game against the Chinese national team. The game is scheduled for May 29, and the cup final will be held on 25 May. So it will be rare, to plan a double celebration on the terrace.

If you return from Berlin on May 26th and gather in the city center of Munich to celebrate with joy, the FCB will spend exactly three days to make the long journey to Beijing.

The last Bundesliga day will take place on 18 May. If Munich were to resign prematurely, but still master, she would have time to plan a celebration in Marienplatz.

It is also known that the FCB is in preparation for the United States from 15 to 24 July.

Bayern: Opponents of high-class summer training camp 2019/2020 announced

Updated from March 27, 2019, 4:12 pm: FC Bayern Munich announced opponents of the next trip to the United States in the summer of 2019 and those who are expected to give the trailer click with his tongue! The German record champion will finish high profile games against the Champions League winner in the Real Madrid League series, the top English club Arsenal and the traditional Italian club Milan on his fourth trip to North America.

Between 15 and 24 July, Bayern Munich will be preparing for the new season in the US, with matches against European rivals taking place in various regions: Los Angeles (17/7 vs Arsenal), Houston (20/7 vs Real Madrid) ) And Kansas City (23.7 against Milan).

The games were officially announced on Wednesday as part of a press conference in New York, according to the announcement. It took the champion FC Bayern World record player and national Lothar Matthäus part. The former captain Bayern will accompany the football champions who rule alongside other club legends during the summer tour.

For FC Bayern, it has been the fourth trip to the United States after the years 2014, 2016 and 2018. The US is considered the most important foreign market for the Bundesliga industry leader besides Asia, with an emphasis on China.

FC Bayern: Already four years in the office itself in New York

The tour is "an important component of our international strategy and supports our global brand expansion," said Jorg Walker, board member of Internationalization and Strategy Club. "Since the opening of our office in New York in 2014, we have made a major development in the US. Now we have 32 million Bayern fans FC there and now 147 fan clubs organized. "

Bayern will spend her summer training camp 2019/2020 abroad again.

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Bayern recently visited the United States in July 2018. At the same time Munich stopped in Philadelphia and Miami. In 2016, the destinations were Chicago, Charlotte and New York, in 2014 it was New York and Portland / Oregon. Besides the New York metropolitan area, the Foreign Ministry still has a foreign office in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

Bayern FC summer training camp: two continents on the travel list

17.40 Clock: Bayern are switching to two summer courses in terms of internationalization! In addition to the tour in the US summer programs champion German record after the tz information in addition to a short trip to China! The trip to Asia will begin immediately after the end of the season and will take only a few days.The reason for the trip to China: The club does not want to completely ignore the fans and sponsors in Asia.Because: In the context of their summer Audi tour alternating in the US and China. Last year, Bayern visited Philadelphia and Miami in the summer, so this year was another trip to China. But at the club they decided to fly again in the summer preparations in the United States. The short trip to China can therefore be considered as a form of Asian sugar – and the money can certainly be earned despite the shortness of time.

Updated from March 19, 2019, 10:00: FC Bayern Munich will be competing in one of their games in Kansas City FC National Football League (NFL) summer as part of the trip to the United States. It said Clark Hunt, the owner and main club of the Chiefs, pictured. Final Super Bowl of the Year, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, plays at Arrowhead Stadium's 76,000 capacity.

The Hunt family is also the owner of the professional FC FC Dallas from the North American Champions League (MLS), which with German record champions have cooperation. In Kansas City plays the MLS sports club sport, until 2006 also owned by Hunt, since being led by a group of investors.

For Bayern, it has been the fourth trip to the US since 2014 in the summer. Places and the period will announce Munich on 27 March.

Bayern FC Training Camp: Goal decided

Munich – Bayern go to the United States – during the preparation for the upcoming season, Reds will present their fans in the country opportunities.This will be the fourth summer tour of Audi in the US As part of this trip, coach team Nico Kovac is participating again in the International Champions Cup – high opponents guaranteed. Which clubs FC Bayern then meets, where he played and when until when the record champion will remain abroad, will be announced on March 27.

Last summer – during the first preparation under Kovac – the entourage FCB went to the US At the time were the games in Philadelphia and Miami, the Reds beat Paris Saint-Germain before leaving 3-1, but were forced to give Juventus 2-1 and Manchester United, 39; Citre City won 2-3 – this was enough only in 13th place in the 18-team field.The title moved to Tottenham Hotspur At the same time, however, Bayern had to do without many stars because of the 2018 World Cup.

Bayern FC summer training camp 2019/20: already ready in the US in 2014 and 2016

So far, the people of Munich have always left for the United States every two years.In 2014 played in New York and Portland, 2016 in Chicago, Charlotte and again in the "Big Apple" where previously had its own FCB office opened.In the clip with Alfonso Davis from the US, 39; Evi Martinez and Theago, as well as James Rodriguez, Columbus Centz, born in Portugal, and Kingsley Coomann from France, the club agrees to a US tour.This was announced by the press in the Martinez room.

FC Bayern Munich 2019/20 Summer Camp Training: BMW probably overtakes Audi as the sole partner of Bayern FC

As the sponsor of the training camp, Audi will appear again. However, the cooperation between the automotive manufacturer and FC Bayern comes to an end. By 2025 the latest BMW will replace Ingolstadt as an exclusive partner. The deal should bring the 800 million euros to the Red.

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