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Classic PlayStation: Details: Game versions, multiplayer features, memory cards, resolution and more


Sony answered some questions about the PlayStation classic Playstation classic, revealing new details about the Plug and Play device. A much smaller replica of the first PlayStation (without a disk drive) has 20 games pre-installed and is available from December 3, 2018 with two wired controllers (cable length: 1.5m) for 99.99 euros. PS Classic is only compatible with classic PS controllers. Depending on the game, the resolution of the output video signal is 720p or 480p, and depending on the playback device, the resolution may be improved or not.

Battle of the Arena Toshinden, Cool Boarders 2, Destruction of Derby, Grand Theft Auto, Flash Jump !, Oddoworld: Abba of Oddysee, Resident Evil of Cut, Tecn 3 and Tom Clancy of Arc Six are based on PAL versions of the games. Final Fantasy 7, Intelligent Cube, Solid Metal Gear, Mr. Driller, Reiman, Revelations: Personality, R4 Rider Type Racer 4, Super Fighter II Turbo Fighter, Deck Filter, Distorted Metal and Bar Arms are available as NTSC versions. It will not be possible to install new games on a mini console. Online functions and a link system are not supported. Language information was not provided.

The following games feature local multiplayer mode for two people: the Battle of the Toshindan Arena, the Cool Recruiters 2, the Derby Destruction, the Intelligent Cube, the Driller Rider, the Rider Racer Type 4, the Super Turbo Fighter 2 Turbo, the Tekken 3, Tom Clancy's Clique and Twisted Metal.

For games originally released on two discs (for example, Final Fantasy 7 and Metal Gear Solid), you can change the virtual disk using the open button in the console.

Sony writes about memory cards or the options for saving grades: "Each title supports up to 15 virtual memory card slots that can be managed from the console's main interface, and once you delete a cache, it can not be restored, as with the original PlayStation, if you play while pressing the reset button in PS Classic will automatically save the game And will bring you directly to the main interface, and the game will resume at exactly the same point the next time you start. "

"The PlayStation Classic is connected to a USB 5V or higher USB power source with the supplied USB cable or the power adapter is not included."

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