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Colorectal hormone activates brown fat tissue


Colon hormone activates a lot of brown fat

Researchers have discovered that for a long time the hormone gut hormone has discovered a new function, added: it activates the fatty energy consumption predicted fat, causing satiety.

Fatty fatty tissue helps in weight loss

Because brown fat cells consume energy, experts say they may be the key to weight loss and important for preventing obesity and diabetes. Just a few weeks ago it was proven that brown fat tissue is triggered by food as it is cold. Now, the same team from the Technical University of Munich (Tom) and Finnish colleagues have clarified the physiological mechanism of this operation.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Cancer of the gut hormone has another function that has been discovered: it activates the brown fat consumed in energy and causes satiety. The new findings can be helpful in the fight against obesity. (Image: Quran /

The intestinal hormone is known

"Surprisingly, we identified Sudan as a key factor," reports Professor Martin Klingenspoor of the Alse Kröner-Fresenius Center for Dietary Medicine (EKFZ) in Tom's statement.

Secretin is a known intestinal hormone. Nutrition medicine has so far assumed that this peptide as a messenger actually fulfills digestive functions.

How to stimulate the secretion of bicarbonate water from the pancreas once the acidified chym is released from the abdomen into the small intestine.

In addition, secretin through the blood stream as a messenger in the brain to promote satiety. As far as is known until recently.

Satisfaction in the brain

The new study, published in the journal Cell, has now discovered with molecular biological investigations (transcriptome sequence) that the gene for the receptor receptor is also expressed in brown fat tissue.

"If we stimulated this receptor in the brown fat cells with secretin, we could see an immediate activation of free thermogenesis," explains Professor Klingenspoor.

Thermogenesis without cracking is a typical mechanism for the formation of brown heat of heat, but not only consumes energy.

The study reveals that free shaker thermogenesis is also a precondition for satiety in the brain.

A previously accepted provision

As the message says, there are three possible communication channels from brown fat to the brain:

  1. An increase in temperature in the brain,
  2. Neural connections from brown fat to brain, or
  3. Special messengers of brown fat, the so-called toxin.

Prof. Klingenspoor sees the establishment of the heat itself as a very reasonable possibility at the moment:

"Thermogenesis in brown fat leads to a warming of the blood and a slight increase in temperature in the brain, which activates neurons because the signal is saturated."

The correct assumption in the past that secretin works directly on the brain in certain nerve cells, leading to satiety and dampens the sense of hunger, is corrected by these findings.

"Red fat tissue interferes, so to speak, as a relay station," says Professor Klingenspoor.

"The right appetizer can fill you faster"

The new chain of communication discovered between the intestines and the brain begins with the release of the Sudin during eating, as a result of activating brown thermogenesis of heat and keeping the brain, which increases the satiety.

For example, thermogenesis induced by food in brown fat consumes energy and makes you rich – both important factors in the treatment and prevention of the obesity epidemic almost all over the world.

If so, will this be the appropriate "medicine" in this context? "No," Klingenspor explains. For chronic stimulation of the pancreas will be negative.

However, the scientist sees a way to naturally stimulate secretin production through certain foods, "the right appetizer can fill you faster and reduce your calorie intake."

What nutrients will be considered here is the subject of further studies. (ad)

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