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Darts: Solgovitch failed in the home quarterfinal



Mansour Solovitch was eliminated on Sunday from the European Home Championship in Salzburg. Viennese seed number 2 had to admit defeat to Englishman Joe Cullen 7:10 in the quarter-finals. In the semi-finals, Cullen meets his countryman and former world champion Rob Cross, who was next to him against Portuguese Jose de Souza 10: 5.

The world champion in the Darts Professional Corporation (PDC) is also out of the race for European Championship gold. Welsh Grevin Price had to admit defeat to three-time world champion Michael van Grewen from the Netherlands in a high-level game with 8:10 in the big quarter-final batting.

In the semi-final, Van Groven meets the Englishman Nathan Espinal, who defeated Van Groven’s country Danny Nupert 10: 9. Defending champion Peter Wright (SCO) has already failed in the first round against German florian Florian, who is set to find his second-round champion in Solovic.

Suljovic under normal form

Solgovitch did not find his usual form in front of Cullen in the well-attended Salzburg arena. The Englishman managed a quick break, soon Solgovic was 1: 3 behind. And 6: 5.

The Englishman recovered from his weak stage. With 7: 6 he took the lead. Cullen threw 180 from behind in a row and showed no weaknesses in the double-out at this point. With the third victory in a row he set 8: 6. The pressure on Solgovich increased. Breaking and returning alternate once more.

At 9: 7, Cullen had everything in hand with the recording. At the end of 52 he took advantage of the second game arrow. Solkhovich’s dream of winning the European Championship in front of a home crowd is over. Even with an average of 90.11 points, he was behind his options and Cullen (95.39), who was clearly ahead of Solgovic (1) with seven 180 shots.

Solovic’s best European Championship result so far remains in the final in 2106 (defeat against Van Greven). The semi-finals and finals take place in “Best of 21” mode. The dedication amounts to a total of 500,000 euros. 120,000 reach the winner of the tournament.

Arrows EM in Salzburg

Semi-final table:
Michael Van Groven (NED / 8) Nathan Espinal (ENG / 5)
Joe Cullen (ENG) Rob Cross (ENG)

Modus: “The best of 21” sentences

Michael Van Groven (NED / 8) Grevin Price (WAL / 1) 10: 8
Nathan Espinal (ENG / 5) Danny Nupert (NED) 10: 9
Joe Cullen (ENG) Mansour Solovitch (AUS / 2) 10: 7
Rob Cross (ENG) Contract de Souza (POR / 6) 10: 5

Modus: “Best of 19” judges

Round of 16:
Grevin Price (WAL / 1) Adam Gullas (CZE) 10: 3
Michael Van Groven (NED / 8) James Wade (ENG) 10: 4
Danny Nupert (NED) Ryan Searle (ENG) 10: 4
Nathan Espinal (ENG / 5) Damon Hay (AUS) 10: 6
Mansour Solovitch (AUS / 2) Florian Waterfall (GER) 10: 9
Joe Cullen (ENG) William Burland (SCO) 10: 5
Rob Cross (ENG) Brendan Dolan (NIR / 3) 10: 4
Contract de Souza (POR / 6) Luke Humphries (ENG) 10: 8

Modus: “Best of 19” judges

First round board:
Grevin Price (WAL / 1) Richie Adhaus (ENG) 6: 2
Adam Gullas (CZE) Joe Moran (ENG) 6: 4
Michael Van Groven (NED / 8) Boris Krakmer (CRO) 6: 2
James Wade (ENG) Adam Smith-Neil (ENG) 6: 5
Ryan Searle (ENG) Michael Smith (ENG / 4) 6: 5
Danny Nupert (NED) Krzysztof Ratajski (POL) 6: 2
Nathan Espinal (ENG / 5) Rabin King (ENG) 6: 4
Damon Hay (AUS) Gabriel Clemens (GER) 6: 3
Mansour Solovitch (AUS / 2) Adam Hunt (ENG) 6: 2
Florian Waterfall (GER) Peter Wright (SCO) 6: 3
William Burland (SCO) Simon Whitlock (AUS / 7) 6: 3
Joe Cullen (ENG) Ted Abts (ENG) 6: 0
Brendan Dolan (NIR / 3) Kim Hoybrecht (BEL) 6: 2
Rob Cross (ENG) Cain Barry (IRL) 6: 3
Contract de Souza (POR / 6) Luis Williams (Wall) 6: 4
Luke Humphries (ENG) Callan Rydz (ENG) 6: 5

Modus: “The best of eleven” -judgments

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