Thursday , August 18 2022

Does Meghan split the Brothers Princes?


Conflicts. Just recently, Prince Harry (34) was quoted saying: "What Meghan wants, get Meghan." It also looks like the reason Harry is looking for a new place to live. According to an internal source, the two do not want their baby to grow up in a "fishbowl." The move was also a physical separation from Harry's brother, Prince William.

At Windsor Castle, Harry and Maghan would live in the Frigor Cottage. The building got its name because of the huge number of frogs who once lived in the swamp area. In Windsor, Harry and Magnan, now the official Duchess of Sussex, would be very close to the Queen. Queen Elizabeth II (92) is said to spend much more time in the castle than at Buckingham Palace in the heart of London.

Harry and the former actress Megan married last May at Windsor Castle. At the same time, they received about 200 guests in the evening for the wedding party at Progemor Estate.

Hennessy Harry according to the most popular royal survey

Prince Harry is, according to the survey, the most popular monarchy. 77 percent have a good opinion of him, as revealed by Monday's YouGov survey of about 3,700 people. The British describe him as sympathetic, humorous and sincere. Only then does his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (74%) arrive just behind his brother Prince William (73).

Somewhere, fourth place goes to Duchess Kate (64%), Fifth to Prince Philip (56) and Sixth to Harry Magan's Wife (55th). Not as good as cutting the applicable heir apparent Prince Charles, who will become 70 on Wednesday. Not even every second (48%) has a positive opinion of him – he came in seventh place, his wife Camilla made it only 10 with 29%, she was the lover of Charles when he was married to Princess Diana. At the same time, they mocked many as "Rottweiler".

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