Saturday , October 1 2022

Dominic Thiem can watch the Neymar Jersey


Dominic Thiem can watch the Neymar Jersey

London. After finishing the ATP final, Dominique Time made his London tour with a football match.

Dominique Thame Photo: Jeff

Another moment to end his London adventure: When Dominique Thiam presents his profile of the instagram, the 25-year-old met with several Brazilian players, including Neemar stars, on Friday after the friendship between Brazil and Uruguay. This is by team member Philippa Lewis "Thiem Great Fan".

Thiem can now watch the Jersey collection – he has received a shirt from Louis Filipe, Willian and Neymar.

At the invitation of Atletico defender Philippa Lewis, the lower Austrian visited the state game, which took place at the Emirates Stadium in London. Prior to that, Philippa Lewis and Willian were guests at the ATP finals.

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