Sunday , December 5 2021

England star has the pants full


Hit the grid

Spurs star Eric Dier has involuntarily made a mix with Post Instagram.

Tottenham cleaner Eric Dyer just wanted to share a picture with friends but made a voluntary laugh. On Wednesday, Dir met with some friends from his Portuguese past. The 24-year-old moved to Portugal with his parents as a child because his mother was offered a job in 2004 during the European Championship. The Englishman played for years in the Lisbon sport, before finally joining Tottenham in 2014.

From the meeting with Nani & Co., and his teammate, Jan Verthongen Dier, published a photo in East Vietnam titled "Green and White Family" referring to the colors of the Sporting Club. So far, so good. However, most viewers quickly spotted something – a prominent detail: a strong thump, which stands out under the athletic pants relaxed by the tenant.

Staff members Verteangen did not hesitate for a long time, wrote under the heading: "You seem to be very happy about the meeting." His other followers are equally impressed, speculating it could be too big a phone. The Instagram message has meanwhile 46,000 likes the 36 times a national player does not even think about undelete.

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