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Florian Silbereisen: Surprise Photo! Who is the woman on Floris's page?

Florian Silvreisen came on a tour of surprising women.
Image: arifoto UG / DPA

Florian Silvreisen now has full hands, As the new "Dream Ship" captain was ShlegarRecently for the popular ZDF series in front of the camera. Together with his colleagues from Klubbb3 Co. is also Silbereisen on a large tour in Germany on the way. Now he surprised his fans with a rare picture from behind the scenes.

Florian Silvreisen: Visit of Women by Dorothy Bar on the Tour Schlagerfest 2019

On Thursday, 25.04.2019, made a "big hit festival" with Florian Silvreisen Co. at the Bamberg station. And there was a very special surprise for Flory: also a CSU politician Dorothy Bar Was there and met the star hit behind the scenes. He was visibly pleased with the "high visit" and did not miss the opportunity for a joint photo.

Fans celebrate the Schlager duo from Florian Silbereisen and Dorothee Bär

Even with fans, a surprise visit is of course good. "But you're lucky, great picture!", Reads on about Facebook comments. You know, great hits, "says another fan, but some of them seem to interpret too much in the picture:" In the taxi, the flight is breathless at night. Two birds or how? "But it's just wishful thinking.

Does Florian Silverstein have a new girlfriend after separation from Helen Fisher?

That fans of Florian Silbereisen are now probably most interested, if their idol after Separation from Helen Fisher Already a new partner. But the hit star does not seem to hold much of the speculation that has been said several times, Who is single and not looking for new love, Helen Fisher Has found a new girlfriend with the dancer Thomas Seitel.

You can not see Facebook's post by Florian Silbereisen? Click here!

Photos: Helen Fischer and Florian Silberizen parted After separation: These pictures are history

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