Monday , September 26 2022

From the suburbs to the dark thriller


In the “Vorstadtweiber” series, Ruth Brewer-Kwam gives murder investigator Tebeta Goldstaub. Now the writer may have created a novel about this character. The people in it are all emotionally scarred.

Once a week, Tabata Goldstaub arrives at the Vienna Beethoven Hotel to be alone. The house, which has seemingly lost its time, is the place of her “great inner moments,” as she calls it: here she wanders in her thoughts, finding distance from the world, from her job as a policewoman and from the father of an unborn girl with whom she often argues. She is a lonely person whose life is overshadowed by a sudden fainting – and the fact that she is incapable of any emotion.

In this way Tabata constantly crosses boundaries – hers and others’. She had already done so in the series “Vorstadtweiber” – but there she was only a marginal figure, another colorful mosaic creation in an exaggerated moral-comedy-like image. From the fourth season, Goldstaub (played by Ruth Brauer-Quam) appears as a murder investigator and begins a completely unthinkable affair with his simple colleague Jörg Podzdal (Thomas Marez). The two are a funny couple.

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